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Posted by composite

Why didn't Alex mention No Mercy for N64? It had awesome creation options.

Posted by FoolInjection

Best music in the game by far. Would play Starrcade just for this to be playing in the background.

Posted by Alex

@composite: Saving that one for a future entry!

Posted by Skogen

No Mercy is the greatest wrestling game ever made.

Posted by Scarlet_Rogue

"It's never going to be No Mercy again"

::sheds tear::

Posted by Hawkerace

I hope there will be more.

Posted by the_messenger

@Alex: Sound seems a tad bit low, but otherwise loved the video!

Posted by Draxyle

Professional Wrestling still confuses and frightens me.

That aside, good to see your face finally showing up on GB, Alex!

Edited by fiberpay

Me and my friend played this game all the time as kids.

Posted by EarlessShrimp

Nice job duder, I'm glad to see some Alex related content. You do a good Bombastica, I have to say! Looking forward to your next submission!

Posted by DrColeslaw

Holy Shit. One of my favorite games of all time. Here's hoping we get the other THQ/AKI N64 wrestling titles on the encyclopedia bombastica.

Posted by Ben_H


Posted by Oldirtybearon

Aaaand Alex goes right ahead and gets right to the fucking awesome stuff from previous generations.

Yep, Alex rocks.

Posted by Dimsey

This was the first 3D wrestling game i ever played, it was rad!

Posted by BenRoyTurner

Oh hey Alex!

Posted by MadLaughter

Thanks for doing this, Alex. Hope the rest of the crew gets in on this initiative.

Posted by Kingfalcon


Posted by stawnkald

Great video. Truly a golden era for wrestling video games.

Posted by Miketakon

OMG I put hundreds of hours into this. Thank you for doing this sir.

Posted by tescovee

Other then the audio being a bit low, good job man. Hope to see you do a bunch more of these.

This was one of my favorite n64 games. I remember the audio for it was janky as all hell you would be playing and the music would cut out or the sfx would be all jacked.

Posted by BirdkeeperDan

I was hoping a wrestling game would be the first. Figures my favourite two staff members would be involved in my new favourite feature.

Posted by Ronald

Great video, I hope you keep doing these as they are a god way to have Alex videos on the site.

Posted by BigBootyHoe

Ahhhh, I hate wrestling but Alex Navarro's disgusting amount of retro wrestling knowledge made this video interesting enough for me to watch all 32 minutes of it.

Posted by JamesJeux007

If this is your first self-produced video on the site, then I'm really looking forward to more ! The video quality was top notch, the audio quality was good too (I wish your mic was a tiny bit louder though) and it was really interesting to hear you talk about what you liked (and still like apparently) about that game at the time. Also, +5 points for the mid picture.

Posted by soupbones

Great video Alex -

On a side note - WWE All Stars is the new best wrestling game ever made.

Posted by CitizenJP

Omg I used to loooooove this game.

Posted by smitty86


Posted by Atary77

This brings back memories. Like when a friend an I ditched High School for a day. We went to his house and played this on his N64. Goods time were had.

Posted by SuperSonic1305

Great video. MORE.

Posted by Gerhabio

FUCK YES, more Alex content!

I'm also really glad the rest of the staff are starting to help out Jeff with the Enc. Bombastica. It would take decades for Jeff to achieve his lofty goal of having video of every game ever on the site otherwise.

Posted by Toug

15:28 - Palm tree dicks.

That is all.

Posted by dropabombonit

This was my jam back in the day, this and WWF No Mercy

Posted by Wiseblood

To me, Raven will always be Johnny Polo.

Posted by dOm_CaTz

goldberg's face looks like a mix of walter white's face with a max payne 1 expression on it.

Posted by stonepawfox


Posted by cikame

I remember enjoying some n64 wrestling games at a friends house but never owned any.
WWE All Stars is awesome.

Posted by I_am_Lono

I thoroughly enjoyed this! The shorter 30 minute video is much easier to enjoy and suits this way better! Keep this up, old fruit, I will watch these again.

Posted by TonkyDongo

Alex, it was really great to see this game again. I also spent an unreasonable amount of time playing this game with my friends. Really enjoyed the video. Excited to get more Alex-based video content!

Posted by stevejoneeszzz

review wcw thunder.

Posted by Winsord

Really enjoyed this, well done, Alex. Mic audio was a little low, but that's pretty much the only issue I had.

Posted by csl316

Alright, video Alex returns.
For some reason, World Tour was always our game of choice.  After Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game, of course!

Posted by dcgc

I'm not that old. My favourite game is Here Comes The Pain for PS2 and oldest for me is WWF Smackdown for PS1.

Posted by Vyper

YES! Wrestling content with Alex needs to become more common. This was seriously awesome.

Posted by PurpleMoustache

@Alex: It may be this old computer struggling with the video codec, or it might have been buffering, but at the beginning, there was a slight stuttering to the sound. Like it cut off for a second and came back in, and then cut out again.

Posted by Milpool

This was one of my favourite N64 games. Maybe one of my favourite games of all time. I have never been in to wrestling or anything. This was just an amazing 4-player brawling game. Looking back on it, I would almost liken it to a Power Stone, or SSB - just in terms of the craziness that would happen when you had 4 people playing at the same time, in the same room, throwing each other all over the place, pulling out weapons, countering, counter-countering. Man every match was different. It was a really impressive accomplishment for the time, even the character editor, like Alex was saying, was kind of mind blowing. I didn't learn much about wrestling from playing it, except for learning the names. Kevin Nash was my go-to guy, Rey Mysterio was pretty fun to play too. Thanks for the history lesson, Alex.

Posted by corruptsaves

Hope to see more videos from you, once you get into the swing of it your be fine!

Posted by DeadPan

Alex, i love ya but you are so wrong about Konnan.

Sucked in America yes, but in Mexico one of the biggest draws there.

Posted by WMoyer83

Kevin Nash was in Magic Mike? Alex watched Magic Mike...?

Posted by Duffyside

Good video, Alex, although I'm very disappointed you didn't grab random mysterious items out of the crowd, nor use one of the luchadores to do ridiculous flips over the turnbuckles to the outside. Ultimo Dragon for life.

Posted by shodan2020

Awesome. This feature just keeps getting better! :)