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Posted by VarkhanMB

@Alex: I'm really happy that you're doing this, too! This is the Alex video content we were lacking! Aside from the crackling (or static?) happening when you speak, everything seems to be in order!

Posted by IronScimitar


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I don't normally watch these, because I assumed from the first one that this is just Jeff talking about games that only Jeff could like. So, knowing Jeff's (horribly misguided) views on AKI wrestling games, I was confused.

Clicking the link, I was prepared to be infuriated, but was quickly put at ease when I saw that it wasn't Jeff at all, but rather a SENSIBLE person.

Well, I agree with Alex on the AKI wrestling games, if nothing else. And yes, Virtual Prowrestling 2 is the best wrestling game ever made. These games had an exciting flow to them that mirrored almost exactly the style of WCW's cruiserweight division.

Posted by NapTimeSleeper

I love this game.

Posted by csl316
@WMoyer83 said:

Kevin Nash was in Magic Mike? Alex watched Magic Mike...?

It's his second favorite movie of 2012.  Really.
Posted by MideonNViscera

This is the best game ever.

Posted by vinster345


Posted by Psychohead

Loved it! I was never into wrasslin', but I love getting into the nitty gritty of video game history. Doubly so when it's delivered by people with a passion for the games. Do more, please!

Posted by Dextar

If you love wrestling so much Alex, why don't you marry it.

Posted by chocolaterhinovampire

@Alex said:

@Scotto: Jeff hates them, that's why. He always preferred the Acclaim games. So, yes, there was one of them.

preferred the Acclaim games? That is fucking insane!!! Awesome game and glad to see it featured

Posted by Chirel


I looove to listen to Alex talking about PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING!

Posted by Pat

This game is great!

Posted by HerbieBug

Excellent! Quicklook all of the games, Giant Bomb. ALL OF THE GAMES. O__O

Posted by Pat

I remember KroniK

Posted by alsnuts2

Good Call Alex, one of my favorite games ever. EVER.

Posted by HerbieBug

Oh man, I loved Alex's comprehensive rundown on the entire selection of wrestlers. I have never been a fan of pro wrestling but I do vaguely recognize some of these names. The whole thing is fascinating to me. :)

Posted by deerokus

WWF Attitude was actually fun at the time, mainly because of the ridiculous combinations of match types - 4 vs 4 stable last man standing matches!

Doesn't stand up at all now, though, where the AKI stuff still does I think.

Posted by Amaru25

alex! =]

Posted by LostFlock

makes me want to dig out the N64 again.

Posted by KlUMZeE

Nice, a Navvaro original!

Posted by betterinsodapop

Already had mad respect for Alex for beign a fellow resident of Queens, but now he goes and plays my all time favorite bro-down party game? Hell yes, son!

Posted by TPoppaPuff

This is the first time they've ever done a game that' the best in a genre.

Posted by impartialgecko

Bespoke Navarro content!

Posted by cthomer5000

Great video. Only complaint is low audio level on your mic.

Posted by jakkblades

HELL YEAH ALEX! I played the shit out of this game when I was a kid. I never looked at scores for it, cuz I didn't want to be bummed to find out it was terrible.

Posted by Dagbiker

Alex hajcked the bombastica!!!

Posted by ragbag

That opening match needed Meng handing out Tongan Death Grips instead of eating superkicks from Glacier.

Posted by djhicks1

I still play this. Best wrestling game of all time.

Posted by 137

@thdemn said:

Loved these games as a kid

Love these games as an adult. I still have an n64, 2 controllers wrestlemania 2000 and this game with a memory card on deck and would love to bust this out and spend countless hours making a bad ass character. I don't know why wrestling games got more complicated than this. This is the PINNACLE of wrestling games to me.

Posted by Viking_Funeral

Damn, did I love this game. It easily competed with Goldeneye and Mario Kart 64 for total N64 time wast... well spent

Posted by bingbangboom

Love the AKI games. Why havn't they gone to Kickstarter? I know there is a PC game that is trying to get funding but it seems sort of meh right now. I always loved this style of wrestling games although WWE '12 wasn't horrible.

Posted by ArtisanBreads

Great game.

The best wrestling game ever is in fact Def Jam: Fight for NY. Brilliant evolution on this formula plus awesome hip-hop silliness. Shame they ruined that series.

Posted by ShaggE

Wrestlemania 2000 was my AKI game of choice, but I appreciate all of them. Awesome games.

Posted by HerbieBug

Hope you do many more of these, Alex! I really enjoyed this one. :D

Posted by marbleCmoney

Great look at a great game. I played so much of this back in the day.

Posted by Rongaryen

I played the ever-living shit out of this game as a kid. I loved all of the N64-era Aki wrestling games.

Posted by AnEternalEnigma

Audio was way low.

Posted by fisher81


Posted by JEC03

I miss the 90's back when wrestling was something special now it's pretty much dead anyways great video Alex good to see you back.Look forward to seeing more videos from you I still remember your 24 the game video review on Gamespot lol I actually liked that game even though the driving was horrible and the camera was pretty much broken in it.

Posted by Lelcar

please do more of these alex!

Posted by ripelivejam

i'm hoping every bomber starts doing these and we can achieve the lofty goal of EVERY GAME A QUICKLOOK but i'm very happy with alex's addition for now!

of course this may mean having to do at least 20 quick looks a day for each staff member but w/e ;)

Posted by Dan_CiTi

The more I have thought about it over the years the worse the N64 overall as a system is, just because the lack of great non-Nintendo games (with a few exceptions like Banjo Kazooie). But goddamn it was awesome anyway.

Posted by bigevil1987

I remember KroniK! They had that Static-X song as their entrance music. Basically WCW's version of APA. Good times back then.

Posted by tyler1285

I loved this game and was pissed that they made Ultimo Dragon fat.

Posted by bigevil1987

I loved this game. Still play it on occasion. The character editing stuff was mind-blowing when I was 10. I remember changing Scott Hall's name to THE and Kevin Nash's name to OUTSIDERS. So when they came out together it said THE OUTSIDERS on the screen. Same with the Hart Foundation and Harlem Heat.

Posted by bondfish

best part is the 10 min explanation of all the wrestlers in the game, brought back memories

Posted by Hockeymask27

The music so many memories.

Posted by Kingfalcon

What are your thoughts on being able to break out of any submission by moving the analog stick? Sort of ruined part of the game for me when I found that out.

Posted by Bourbon_Warrior

My wrestling game of the 90's was WWF Warzone, it had an amazing character creator and when you finished the campaign you got a cutscene of hoping into a limo with Trish Stratus!

Posted by Fram

Finally! Only Alex can battle Jeff's indifference to the AKI games of yore. This and especially WWF No Mercy consumed countless hours of my youth. A mate of mine and I got so good at it, we would set up 40-man battle royals on the hardest difficulty, then proceed to team up and beat every single CPU opponent. It would take hours. Then we'd fight each other to decide the winner and that would take another 20 minutes. ENDLESS memories, cheers Alex for bringing them all back!