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Posted by Olivaw

@GradiusCat said:

I live near Scott Hall and randomly see him at the gas station. He likes to wear the t-shirt for his now defunct website scotthall.tv

Somehow that doesn't surprise me.

Posted by Stimpack

Dude, Alex, that was great! I'm really excited to see you in more videos. Very informative and entertaining. I really hate wrestling, but nevertheless it was a good watch!

Posted by Devilb0y

@Olivaw said:

@TheHT said:

Not being a big wrestling kid, I assumed most of the characters were made up (which I guess isn't so far from the truth har har), so I of course went with the fucking NINJA. Han Zo Mon 4 lyfe!!

Really though, this the only wrestling game I've thoroughly enjoyed and the only wrestling game I've ever wanted to keep playing.

Fuck yes, Han Zo Mon was the BEST. All the coolest moves and a combo system! Also A NINJA.

This is the only correct answer. This is my favourite wrestling game of all time.

And that intro with Sting standing on the highway was BADASS.

Posted by MyNiceIceLife

I'm so happy this was your first Encyclopedia Bombastica. I remember playing this game so much when I was a kid and had a similar experience of watching WCW more at this period before slowly getting into the WWF/WWE in the close future. Definitely a good time for wrestling.

Posted by TheHBK

I fucking love Alex now. You and Jeff should do a podcast just talking about wrestling. The Nintendropkick Xpress.

Posted by dream431ca

This the BEST wrestling game of ALL TIME!

Posted by Xbox420

Great video. Keep up the good work fella!

Posted by Duxa

Did great for a first Alex. Would like to see some variety in these though... would be awesome to see some Genesis games and hear the stories of playing them for the first time in the early 90's. Dune 2? Comix Zone? Phantasy Star?

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@Alex: The video was great overall. I'm happy to see you take the Encyclopedia Bombastica in the direction of newer games. Jeff's videos are great, but I have zero nostalgia/interest in any of the games he's showing. The N64/PSX was the prime platforms of my childhood, so this era of games is very welcoming.

Posted by Lysergica33

Just gonna chime in with my 2 cents here too. Great video Alex. Although I also agree with the sentiment that has been expressed by some other guy in the comments that you could get away with turning the volume up. This video is way quieter than the others on the site, but it's not a big deal. My hi-fi amp does have a volume knob after all!

Anyhow, I was always more of a WWF Attitude kinda guy myself. I do remember playing a WCW game on PS1 though, I cannot remember which, but it had fairly robust character creation, and it was a lot of fun. Was never really into the whole wrestling culture but it's always interesting to hear people who are or were into it talk about it.

Looking forward to more Alex content :3

Posted by MachoFantastico

Great video. First wrestling game experiences for me were the Smackdown games on PS1 (though I remember playing a bit of No Mercy, though I wasn't into wrestling that much). There's been some decent games over the years, and unfortunately a lot of garbage.

Also, more Alex on the site is a win win!

Posted by Slay3r1583

You're an awesome guy and I usually respect your opinion but come on. Fire ProWrestling D is the greatest wrestling game in the history of video games. It has an exploding cage deathmatch for crying out loud.

Posted by CaptRocketblaze

Awesome to see coverage of older wrestling games & awesome to see more video of Alex. A good start for 2013.

Posted by Eldave0

Memories! A bunch of us used to meet up every Saturday and play this game all afternoon while scoffing Bacon Butties. Good times :-)

Posted by craigbo180

All I can gather from the thumbnail to this video is Ric Flair encourages blocky virtual wrestlers to give hand job's in ring to a rowdy live audience while Alex looks on uncomfortably. Sounds like a party.

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

BTW Alex, you pronounce Lodi's name like "Load-e".

Posted by AlisterCat

Is this emulated or captured?

Posted by Shadowself

OK, so I usually roll my eyes at Alex's snarky posts, and he always seems too opinionated when he is involved with GB videos and streams.

But damn, this was a great video. Glad to have his perspective on wresting and games. Looking forward to more!

Posted by poisonmonkey

Great job Alex, loved it.

Posted by Chibi_Kaji

It's nice to see some Video content from Alex again. 
I can't even begin to count how many me and my friends spent playing this.

Posted by ZmillA

Me and my brother played this game so much. I remember convincing my Dad to get this for me. Such a good game.

Posted by guilherme

@C0V3RT said:

I played the shit out of this game. Good choice, Alex!

Posted by craigymail

Good video I can't wait to see a new video on an old game!

Posted by Mezmero

Alex World Order! I can't decide what I like more; Alex talking about old wrestling games or Alex talking about old wrestling. I didn't have an N64 plus I wasn't really into anything WCW (only NWO). It's funny to look back on some of the crappier characters they came up with. I've been kind of done with wrestling in general for a while. I'll still go back and watch Botchamania from time to-time but wrestling has become so bad that it's painful to even think about.

This game looked surprisingly good for this era of wrestling. I'm kind of shocked at the number of characters and costumes featured. Personally I think my personal favorite in wrestling games is either WWF Raw on Genesis or Smackdown 2 on PS1. I probably played more Royal Rumble in the end but I recognize the superiority of Raw in every way. Smackdown 2 was just where all the creation stuff and career mode started peaking in the game design of that franchise. I also really liked the goofiness of stuff like Wrestlemania the arcade game. War Zone turned out pretty good too considering you could create an MK ninja in the character edit. I want to see more videos of old wrestling games with Alex please! Thanks and keep up the great work!

Posted by dr_mantas

Yes, this is perfect. Alex can do these videos from New York, so that means - MORE Alex. Yay!

Posted by Aretak

This is great. Really hope Alex does more of these.

Posted by david_maurer

Great video, Alex! This is one of my all time favourite series, and it's good to see it get some coverage.

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It's almost jarring to see a game without loading times. I don't know why, exactly. I don't really notice it when I look at 8 and 16 bit era but when I see a game on 64, it sticks out to me.

Anyway, I was way into these games when I was a kid. This was back when I was still into wrestling (lets says 6th to 7th grade). Thanks for taking me back, Alex. Damn fine entry into the Encyclopedia Bombastica!

Posted by TheQuotedNegro

Dean Malenko! Man of 1000 holds...

Posted by DjDonFrancisco

Great work on this Alex. Excited to see more Encyclopedia Bombastica's of this ilk.

Posted by crusader8463

Great video.

Posted by ProfessorK

I can't say enough how pleasant of a surprise this was, though I wish you at least showed the intro to No Mercy just for nostalgia. More Alex on GB!

Posted by ProfessorK

@Slay3r1583 said:

You're an awesome guy and I usually respect your opinion but come on. Fire ProWrestling D is the greatest wrestling game in the history of video games. It has an exploding cage deathmatch for crying out loud.

Well, would that qualify Saturday Night Slam Masters for the Genesis as the greatest wrestling game ever? It has a hardcore mode where you fight in a barbed wire exploding ring with mines on the outside AND has Mike Haggar as a playable character.

Posted by TheRizzle

No major technical issues. The only thing I noticed was the audio is a -tiny- bit crackly, but nothing hugely distracting. Nice work!

Posted by MisterBigMack

I remember going round to my friends house to play this even though I had little interest in WCW at the time

Remember how I loved the presentation in WWF Attitude but love the gameplay in this

So when WWF Wrestlemania 2000 came out, yeah I was fucking doped

Great video Alex

Posted by CharAznable

Oh, fuck yes. Alex is up and running with his videos, and the first one is this goddamn gem of a game. I can't wait to watch this when I get home.

Posted by Mandrewgora

I used to play that a whole lot.

Posted by Nentisys

GJ Alex.

Posted by tread311

Ah loved watching this. Played so much of these games. I was the perfect age for this era of wrestling and wrestling games. Well made video as well.

Posted by probablytuna

An Alex Bombastica?!

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Great choice of game. I can't remember whether it was this game or WWF Wrestlemania 2000, but I played hours and hours of 2 player and 4 player with one of these games on my friend's N64 back in the day. I had disowned any interest in wrestling, years prior, but the gameplay was so enjoyable and hilarious that it didn't matter.

We created a character called the BarrioMaster, who was this old man with a pink top hat, garish shorts & jacket and pimpcane, with all the stupidest looking taunts we could find. Then I would use that guy in 2 player cage matches with submissions and TKOs turned off, in order to just torture a particular friend of mine by endlessly beating the crap out of him and never pinning him. That still ranks as one of my most precious gaming memories, which says a lot for someone who never owned an N64 and didn't give a shit about Wrestling post-1991.

Edited by Alex

@Devilb0y: @Olivaw:@TheHT:

If you like Han Zo Mon so much, go look some matches by Japanese hardcore wrestler Hayabusa on YouTube. All his moves are based on that dude.

Posted by jred250

Great work Alex! I was a huge fan of these games and I vividly remember getting this game for Christmas one year. Lots of great memories with this one!

Posted by Twocifer

Oh the hours I spent on WCW vs. nWo: World Tour, WCW/nWo Revenge, WWF Wrestlemania 2000 and WWF No Mercy. The tournaments, the trash talk, the beer drank. This was the last half of my college years in the '90's/early '00's (maybe why it took me 6 years).

Posted by Simio

Oh man, this game was soooo good

Posted by KentaB

The book you are talking about is called "The death of WCW" if anybody is interested in reading it.

Posted by arg3n7um

Great work Alex!

Edited by IntoTheN1ght

I speak for everyone when i say we want more Alex on Bombastica Fantastica! He actually talked about a game many people love, the AKI wrestling games.

Please do more N64 and PS1 games, this has to be your era of expertise Mr. Navarro.

Stuff like:

Tony Hawk, Mortal Kombat, More wrestling games, some other "Xtreme" 90s sports games etc

Posted by Plipster

Konnan sucked? Hang your head in shame, one of the greatest Mexican wrestlers of all time. #wrestlegeekrage

Posted by thornie

Thank you so much for this Alex! When I was in High School my friends would come over my place every Monday after school play Revenge all night, and then cap off the night watching Nitro on TNT. Best times ever.

I will say that as much as I love Revenge, WWE No Mercy was the BEST AKI wrestling game for the N64. It perfected all of the systems that were introduced in World Tour, Revenge, and the much forgotten classic WCW vs The World for the PSX.