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Posted by ManiacalMech

The new year! 2013! Hopefully it'll be better for video games than 2012 was. Not to say that 2012 was devoid of video games, I'm just saying that 2011 was better for video games than 2012 was. I mean, as good as XCOM was, Saint's Row was fucking AWESOME. Also we can't say Twenty Dozen anymore. I guess we'll have to settle for Twenty Baker's Dozen.

Video games! More importantly, video games I've played recently:

Rayman Origins - Currently in Progress (Well, after playing Rayman Run, I felt that buying/playing this was the right thing to do. Being able to control where I'm running is a fucking godsend. Too bad there isn't some sort of drop in multiplayer, but local multiplayer is just fine too. It's an excellent game, and the soundtrack is really something else. It may be either hit or miss for you.)

XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Near Completion (I have a good understanding as to why this is Giant Bomb's 2012 GOTY, and that's because this is a seriously fantastic game. I love every aspect about it: the combat, the home base, the upgrades, the diverse range of enemies and the laser guns... man, XCOM is an experience that shouldn't be missed.)

The Walking Dead - Near Completion (Don't buy it on iOS if you have other ways of playing it. There are better options than this crappy low frame-rate, unresponsive-to-touch port. That being said, I've played it on PS3 and iOS. Guess which version is better? Complaints aside, this is the greatest story telling experience of 2012. Pick it up.)

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition - Dabbled (This was a Christmas present that enabled me to get back into SSF4 in general. As I returned to Fighting Streets, I found my old DLC costumes still in tact, as well as 4 new characters. I've tried to pick up Evil Ryu because being in control of pure power is pretty awesome. It's the same old deal with the same old new tricks. It's either your cup of tea or it isn't. I've always enjoyed SSF4, I've just never been any good at it.)