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Posted by BaconGames

By virtue of the concept, "normal" is what the developers intend to be the balanced experience, the one that represents what the average player should be able to traverse but not feel bored or too easy. I come at it more about seeing how well they've executed on that normal and playing it at that difficult to experience it as intended. If that is too easy or too hard, then I change it but usually I stick with it. It doesn't make any sense to change the difficulty when I don't know what the normal is. Once I do I judge from there unless I already have it from the staff that the game should be bumped up to considered "normal".

Posted by Veektarius

I'll never pick easy, but I'll only pick hard if it's a sequel to a game I played through more than once (or the second playthrough of a game I beat on normal). The only games I ever played on the very hardest difficulty by default were Rome & Medieval Total War, but recent entries have punished you economically for doing so, which hindered my enjoyment of having huge armies.

Posted by Superkenon

Really depends. Largely on the kind of game, and how much I care about it.

I tend to have more fun with games the harder they are, because nothing's more satisfying to me than barely scraping through a fight. I love getting game overs, and forcing myself to get better and better until I can tackle obstacles that I couldn't before. I mean, that's what it was all about back in THE OLD DAYS... and it turns out, it's still fun.

It does take more time though, so if it's a game that I 'just want to get through' or if the fighting mechanics are just horribly uninteresting to me (or at least not what I'm coming to the game for), I'll probably play on whatever the default is. But if it's a game I really want to get into and get the most out of, I crank up the difficulty.

Edited by ProfessorEss

Depends on the game and depends on how they implement the difficulty increase. I usually play either Normal or Hard - Easy and "Extra-hard" are usually too extreme.

Halo is the only game I can think of off-the-top-of-my-head that I think consistently gets the "Extra-hard" setting right.

Posted by BirdkeeperDan

Depends on what drives the game or rather what I get the most out of. If it's gameplay, my favourite types of games, then ussually hardest and at least above normal. If it's story driven or set-piece driven then ussually normal. I used to be swayed by points and would always play xbox games on hardest but not anymore. Also I really like developers who put development time into tuning the higher difficulties as much as the regular difficulty. Even more so if they add special features to the higher difficulties.

Posted by paulwade1984

I Usually play on Normal. Although I do enjoy Halo on Heroic. Metal Gear Solid Is meant to be played on Hard, normal is far too easy.

Diablo 3 give enemies different attacks as you get into the higher difficulties. I liked this a lot.


Oh Dragon Age. AoE attacks only damage party members in harder difficulties. things like that. Very clever.

Posted by Zrais

I've really started to getting into playing games on harder difficulties lately, but I played a lot of games on normal before the last few months.

Posted by Roger778

I've played Mass Effect 1 and 2 on Veteran so many times, I can flow through it easily as an Adept. Because of that, I feel like I'm ready to start a new playthough, and take on the next difficulty mode called "Hardcore." Does anybody have experience playing that difficulty level, and what is the best class to play it as?

Other than that, I'm comfortable playing games on Normal, until I feel like I need a challenge.