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Posted by scottygrayskull

This game looks pretty awesome. XD

Posted by DrFlapjack

I'm usually not interested in games pre-NES era, mostly because it was before my time, but this game really caught my attention. With today's "re-make old properties" market I think this would have a ton of potential to be updated.

Posted by DarkestSoul

I would like to see an Encyclopedia Bombastica of Adventure for Atari

Posted by IronScimitar

I'd love to pilot a spider-like ship. LOVE.

Posted by Sagalla

I remember playing this more than 20 years ago but it I wasn't quite sure what you were supposed to do... Anyway I think this would be a great addition to an Atari 800 Activision/Epyx compilation on consoles or the Vita or something, along with titles like Pitfall 2, H.E.R.O, River Raid, Keystone capers, Space Shuttle, Ballblazer, Temple of Apshai, Jumpman, Summer Games etc... Throw in Star Raiders and the 8 bit Atari could finally rest in peace :)

Posted by antime

@Fram said:

@antime said:

The graphics style really reminds me of Andrew Braybrook's Alleykat.

Oh man, I thought you meant THIS Alley Cat! So much frustration this game caused me as a kid!

Hah no, the game I'm talking about is a sort of shooter/racing hybrid for the C64, which came out a couple of years after Pastfinder (and Alley Cat)

Posted by melodiousj

That explosion sound effect is awesome.

Posted by MeatSim

If your ever trapped in a nuclear fallout just shoot the crystals!

Posted by Fram

@antime said:

The graphics style really reminds me of Andrew Braybrook's Alleykat.

Oh man, I thought you meant THIS Alley Cat! So much frustration this game caused me as a kid!

Posted by WilyBoy

This game actually looks really cool.

Posted by mattdragn

I've no idea why but I'm getting a real Panzer Dragoon vibe from this. Maybe I'm biased though.

Posted by Sarx

This is actually a genuinely cool game that sparks my imagination. Excellent use of limited hardware.

Posted by eccentrix

I wanted to see his next rank :(

Posted by Suigyoken

Oh man, I was so anxious around 10:38. JEFF YOU CRAY!

Posted by Albedo12

Watching this brought back memories of "Computer Warrior" in Eagle back in the day: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_Warrior

Posted by CitizenCoffeeCake

Jumping spider ships Batman!

Posted by MistaSparkle

That cover art is pretty cool, and the game seems interesting too.

Posted by CptMorganCA

Out of all the Bombastica games that have interested me but not enough to play them, this one looks really awesome.

Posted by Yownage

What do the squares do? I have to know!

Posted by AngryRedPlumber

Oh god, Columbia House!

Posted by Savutano

Pee'd myself @ 10:20. That was intense, Jeff!

Posted by Laini

This seems really neat. I'm gonna start imagining a XBLA remake now, it could be awesome.

Posted by Kevin_Cogneto

Oh shit, I had this on Commodore! Totally forgot about this game.

Posted by joefromdayton

That is one of the cooler game box art I've seen.

Posted by PoisonJam7

Ha! "Radiation Gauge." It's called a Geiger Counter! And that "Space Invaders tone" would be the Geiger Counter clicking.

*adjusts monocle*

Posted by beard_of_zeus

@BionicMonster said:

Since Jeff is archiving all these old games, does that make HIM the Pastfinder?

Oh snap! *mind blown*

This game looks surprisingly complex for the time and pretty awesome. Love the new microphone, btw.

Posted by pochunki

Quite an artifact!

Posted by benu302000

Thanks Jeff. This game looks like a real gem. I love how the game implies a deepish premise without throwing up walls of text. As I see, this game is about post apocalyptic earth eons after the fact, and you're futuristic archaeologists fighting your way through the sentient machines that are the only thing that survived the radiation in order to find what you can of the ancient past. That's a suitably awesome premise for a fairly limited game. I love it.

Posted by Cold_Wolven

This actually doesn't look look like a bad game for the Atari, people were lucky to find good games back then without guidance.

Posted by ArtisanBreads

Jeff dropping some knowledge at the end there.

Think about it: he also showed a CBS game today.

Even if gaming goes through hard times right now we will all be fine.

Posted by HassaniSabbah

"Here's where it gets a little confusing," says Jeff about five minutes in. Because before that it was crystal clear.

Posted by MmmSkyscraper

Yay for microphone upgrades!

Liking the sound effects, exploration and item selection on this, definitely adds a lot to the scope of the game.

Posted by BionicMonster

Since Jeff is archiving all these old games, does that make HIM the Pastfinder?

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

@bvilleneuve said:

@Porkellain said:

Do I have to consider these Encyclopedia Bombasticas like fillers in between more juicy contents?

You don't have to consider them anything. Personally, I consider them fascinating looks at the past. I'll probably never have the patience and time to get in there myself and find out what's cool about these older games, so it's great that Giant Bomb has a series of videos to show me exactly that.

Posted by sbarre

This would probably be an award-winning browser game if it came out today

Edited by happymeowmeow

Clearly what we're seeing isn't a spiderbot, but a man with pickaxes for hands and feet.

Or maybe the less interesting option of a man riding a spiderbot.

Posted by Aretak

This game looks really cool. There seems to be quite a lot to it for such an old title. Can't say I'd ever heard of it before this video either.

Posted by JhonFranKanrui

good video :D

Posted by oppai2

@MonkeyKing1969: Yes he should! Why not do Underworld also. I remember a crazy neon level unless I am hallucinating that only at this point...

Posted by Itwastuesday

I, personally, think Activision should go back to publishing their name at the bottom of the UI of their games

Edited by antime

The graphics style really reminds me of Andrew Braybrook's Alleykat.

Posted by Rasmoss

I ... can't go on this journey with you, Jeff. I wish I could ... but I can't.

Posted by MeAuntieNora

Gotta love the price tag on the box.

Posted by Porkellain

@SmarmyJerkface: I'm 28 but thanks for calling me a kid, relieves me from my 30-year crisis ^^

Anyway, having started playing in the early 90s I do have my shit ton of games I wasn't able/couldn't be arsed to try or finish, probably I've been unlucky not finding anything interesting to me so far. I'll keep hope alive.

Posted by cbarnes86

Is this future Jeff?

Edited by Draxyle

Jeez, some of these old games were simply madness. Must have been more than weird to develop in an environment with almost no established rules or standards.

Posted by MonkeyKing1969

I would like to make a Encyclopedia Bombastica request/suggestion...Seven Cities of Gold. That was really teh first game I ever stayed up all night to play for hours and hours.  I know you couldn't show all of the game, but I think a 45 minutes Encyclopedia Bombastica could cover enough of the game to be illustrative.

Posted by Scrawnto

Wow, unless I view the video in fullscreen I can't tell the difference between the red and green zones on the map. If Jeff hadn't mentioned it, I wouldn't have noticed there were green zones. Being colorblind kind of sucks.

Edited by MachoFantastico

Jeff filling in for Game Room and I love it. I wish we see these sorts of games nowadays, it'd be awesome.

Still love that old Activision logo!

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

Oh god yes, new mic!

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