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Posted by saturn639

After watching the quick look of the new Skyrim DLC, I got the bug to head back into the world. Months ago I had grown bored of the quests but I loved the exploration aspect. And after spending 18 hours and still finding tons of areas to explore, I'm hooked again. There are so many random events occurring in the world. Half the fun comes from watching events unfold. For instance I saw a four way fight between some Thalmor justicars, Stormcloaks, a giant, and a dragon. Surprisingly the Thalmors came out on top. It's those kind of situations that makes the game so fun to play. I doubt very much that I'll do any more quests or get the DLC. But for now I'm content to explore.

Posted by familyphotoshoot

I feel you, man. I sold my copy a while back because I didn't have time to play very much and picked it up again on Games on Demand when it was on sale over the holidays. 78 hours in and I haven't even finished the first Act of the main story questline.

Posted by Subjugation

Skyrim is one of those games that can be well served by a good break. You can come back to it with a renewed sense of the awesome feeling you had the first time you started playing it.

Edited by Ares42

Had the same exact reaction to watching the QL, and spent the entire weekend delving back in. Remembering what ruined the game for me the first time I decided to heavily limit myself by not crafting any gear, not using quick travel and not buying from shops. Interestingly for a while it really seemed like the game got better the more I ignored major features, but by the end of the weekend my interest had waned again. It's fun to explore and everything, but in the end there's just no denying that the gameplay is really lacking. It really makes me wonder how it got GOTY, but I guess none of the guys ever played it enough to reach the point of exhaustion.

I think Brads comment in the QL about wanting Dark Souls combat is absolutely on spot. It doesn't necessarily need the animation priority, but it would greatly imrpove by using both shoulder-buttons for each arm, having the stance-toggle (1-hand/2-hand) and having attacks vary by weapon, not by weapon type.

Posted by SlashDance

Went back to Skyrim one time, after a few months not touching it. First thing I see is a mammoth headbutting a saber cat.

This game is awesome, I really can't wait for Dragonborn to be released on PC.

Posted by TheHT

I too will be jumping back in after something like a year-long break. I've still got to finish the actual game.

Posted by ArtisanBreads

I'm with you guys.

Played it on PS3 (whew that was a bad choice... oh well Gamefly) and now picked it up for PC. Excited to go back in with some mods and the DLC.