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Posted by BasketSnake

Not good enough. You need ice cubes in the jar to keep it cool.

Posted by panda21

UVB 76 stops at 1:07:37! It comes back briefly and then stops again when Jeff coughs at 1:09:30. did the world end and no one noticed yet? did Jeff's cough awaken a sleeper agent?

Posted by Seedofpower

Please remove that noise next video. It was hella annoying.

Posted by MEATBALL

05:22 I am rolling my eyes at this rant.

Posted by ManlyBeast

the buzzing is fine if you do it for a good minute or two but come on. I cant listen to this.

Posted by HerbieBug

I find UVB-76 soothing. I am considering making a loop of it and playing it in my bedroom to help me sleep. -_-

Yes, really. :)

Posted by MarkJW

I toned out the buzz after 15 minutes or so, just stopped hearing it.

Posted by geirr

That noise is awesome!

Jeff looks like he's on crack lately, maybe it's the sick beard.

Posted by VikG

Thanks for doing these

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

So this is actually a number station disguised as Jar Time?

Posted by fuzzypumpkin

Mmmmmmmmmm, HAM.

Posted by Chimp_On_Stilts

Have all y'all ever considered putting these out as podcasts?

I wouldn't expect a big production like the BombCast, but the occasional happy fun bonus show would be cool.

Maybe this already exists and I just don't know it.

Posted by Ketchupp

I demand the UVB-76 be present in all future content, video or otherwise.

Posted by MrCHUP0N


Posted by buzz_clik

I love that the numbers station is highlighting the users with OCD. Doesn't bother me, I can filter it out just by, y'know, actually listening to what Jeff's saying.

If it's bothering you, try this: Pretend you're sitting in a fallout shelter with Jeff, just shooting the shit, and the radio is just something that always has to be on in the background as you live your post-nuclear, underground existence. It's like Fallout roleplaying!

Edited by buzz_clik

To your point about not drawing lessons from the history of internet rage and the way it pans out: It's especially interesting coming from some of the Giant Bomb user base who I'd (a) hope/expect would be a little more savvy with their reactions and behaviour, and (b) might have learned something about change from both the Giant Bomb implementation of subscriptions and the site's subsequent move to CBSi.

Has the world ended because of either of those big Giant Bomb events that initially had people worried, even angry? Nope. Things have settled down into a business-as-usual groove, and I bet people barely give any of that shit a second thought.

TL;DR - Fuckin' kids, man. Know what I mean?

Posted by lunchtime

@Nerdware said:

That antenna affect is quite annoying...

Unfortunately, I have to agree. Couldn't listen for longer than 10 minutes. Sorry, Jeff.

Posted by Marokai

There's an amusing bit in one of The Amazing Atheist's videos from a couple years back where he's answering the question "Have you ever changed your mind from an argument with someone else." His answer, true to his style of course, was (paraphrasing) "Fuck no, I don't change my position in front of someone else, I continue arguing with them, move on, then wait until a long time goes by, act like I did exhaustive research on the topic myself and then pretend I came to this new position because of how enlightened I am; It's a win-win."  
I'm always reminded of that whenever I see a new controversy come about on this site concerning the nature of video game reviews and how Giant Bomb does them, seeing all kinds of well written posts about how reviews could change, or I'm reminded of it whenever I see some new diatribe from Jeff or someone else on the staff talking about how innovative and radical this site somehow is, while it continues the "It's like a newspaper!" style of game reviews.  
The truth is, this site, and many others, know that the old way of doing game reviews is, actually, garbage. Deep down, the have to know. But reviews draw a lot of traffic, and they don't want to appear like they don't actually know what the fuck they're doing by bending to outside pressure to radically overhaul their review process, so they keep doing them. We get new rationales for why traditional written-reviews-with-a-score have to continue with each time the question is asked, with the underlying implication that we on the outside just don't "get" it. 
It's interesting to see Jeff peek down the slippery slope of changing the game reviews process, because eventually, all the changes are meaningless. If you keep boiling down the process, it becomes clear that the process itself is totally fucked and outdated, kept on only as gold stars for people in the business and pure tradition. Jeff's explanation for why game reviews haven't changed here yet was literally just "Well, it's hard." It's not that hard, the only thing that's hard about making that decision is that you'll be losing page views and free advertising. 
Game reviews changing on this site seems, to me, to be an inevitability. The question of how to change reviews, or whether to do them at all, will be answered sometime, I have no doubt about that. But it seems to me that it's only taking so long because, when those changes do come, and they will, Giant Bomb and other sites will want to make it seem like they locked themselves away for months giving the issue careful study and consideration, and that they've come up with an enlightened path forward. When really, it ain't so tough.

Posted by HobbitCy

Sorry one more post to add to the did not watch/listen to as the buzzing sound was driving me crazy

from what i heard it would have been a nice talk though

Posted by Nidzumi

@msavo: No it plays throughout.

For an 80 minute long video, it kind of makes this unlistenable

Posted by Xaviersx

games are growing, they're learning, living . . . it'll be a mixture from a game company and a tech company/think tank . . . maybe I'll get that Sim Universe game that's so complex you're really an electronic god

Posted by orlandodoom

Why the fuck is the UVB-76 transmission on throughout this? Between this and the Space Jam novel, I want to give Jeff a swirly.

Posted by drjvicente

My 1st time here, great show :)

Posted by Error1355

Bzzz, Bzzz, Bzzz, Bzzz, Bzzz, Bzzz, Bzzz.

Edited by Undeadpool

Fanboys exist in their own strange echo chamber where any dissenting opinion is biased or uninformed and things like review bombing Metacritic are making a huge difference and where the narrative ONLY suits their worldview. Capcom isn't to blame, even though they signed off on the project and contributed to it every step of the way, there apparently WAS a Devil May Cry 5, even though there obviously wasn't going to be, Dante went from being "too emo," to "too much of a brash smartass" to "not brash/smartassy ENOUGH" at different points throughout the development with absolutely ZERO self-awareness or revelation from those shouting loudest. And the irony is that these will ALSO be the same people commenting on a Call of Duty or Madden video about lack of innovation, when what they REALLY mean is "lack of innovation in games that I don't care about in the first place." Because anytime someone wants to innovate what THEY'RE passionate about, it's somehow "ruining" it.

If the game flops (which DmC may, the sales numbers are low, but Ninja Theory isn't exactly a huge team, so it might be high enough), they'll pat themselves on the back that they helped torpedo an artistic work that people depended on to make a living and if it does well, they'll never speak of it again and just go onto whatever outrage they can find NEXT (the new Dragon Age not being enough like the first Dragon Age, which itself wasn't enough like Baldur's Gate 2 should do nicely).

Posted by Feikken

This is entertainment.

Posted by divergence

@zog: yeah baby. This is awesome

Posted by zokamoka

That static noise is creeping me out sounds like a nuclear attack warning or something from a Silent Hill game.