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Posted by Nerdmotron

This was really cool to see. Thanks Drew and Vinny.

Posted by vectrex

Thnks.. :D

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Posted by zemorg

That was awesome!

Posted by gamerpigeon

Was this ever actually live in the end? Did it eventually get streamed?

Posted by AssInAss

Have fun with this one

Posted by Fattony12000

I knew you guys were tinkering with some encoding settings recently. You went from your file names ending in "_3500" to them now ending with "_4000" (to denote kbps of video bitrate quality). I tried to talk to Jeff and Vinny and Drew about it, but no one answered.

Cancelling sub.

Posted by Tasus

A E3 edition would be cool!

Posted by sublime90

awesome behind the scenes look. would love to see more of these vids.

Posted by crusader8463

@iamtheconsensus said:

@Nmckee503 said:

I learned so much!

Every time something goes wrong during a live stream from now on I will imagine Vinny in that room making that face as he tries to figure it all out. It all looks really straight forward once you know and can memorize what everything is meant for, but just thinking about the nightmare of cables and testing that would have had to been done to set it up from nothing gives me chills.

Any who, props for all the work you guys do. Never really realized how much work goes into something like a QL let alone a live stream.

Posted by BrianP

no two men should have all this power

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All those wires! Awesome feature :)

Lets go in to the TV!
Posted by 2xtreme

Thank you so much for this Vinny and Drew! I always wanted to know what it looked like behind the scenes.

Posted by OrangeSponge

Thank you. So much.

Posted by ScorpioNicus

Awee no did they somehow edit out the whole part with the music overpowering all the audio?

Posted by IsenTorr

This was really interesting. I would love to see more videos.

Posted by AlexW00d

I was excited to watch this, then I remember none of the current players actually work for me. :(

Posted by Szlifier
@ScorpioNicus said:

Awee no did they somehow edit out the whole part with the music overpowering all the audio?

Nothing was cut out, there's even more footage than on the live stream. Audio is fixed in that part.
Posted by gt

Really enjoyed this; please do more!

Posted by Fattony12000

God, I wish I could work there.

I'd route cables for them all day err day.

Posted by DudeSupreme

Very interesting stuff.

I would have too much fun with those transitions.

Posted by whatsnme

i would very much love to play with those sound toys

Posted by mattdragn

This is pretty rad. I would feel so guilty if I tripped over one of those cables during a live stream.

Posted by blacklab

Damn that was great! Used to work in the broadcast industry many years ago it's fun to see how things have changed.

Posted by XTraFries

as a dude who does production stuff, I have always been curious as to what their setup is.

super thankful they're finally giving us the scoop

Posted by eccentrix

I knew the chat was lying!

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Very smart!

Posted by simkas

@joelalfaro said:


You meant a lower dof though, vinnie :)

Very smart!

No he didn't, he was talking about how everything looks much brighter with the lenses, depth of field has nothing to do with how bright stuff is.

Posted by thatdutchguy

interesting vid , thanks !

Posted by Darthozzan

@crusader8463: Yeah, operating a studio or working on sound as I have done a bit is fun but setting it up and troubleshooting is a real nightmare T_T But can also be fun :D

Posted by VoodooTatum

I'm overly happy that Vinny and I have the same watch.

Posted by deepdarkfunk

Interesting but its what they get paid for.

Posted by statlus

Thanks guys that was really interesting and I hope you make more videos about this stuff.

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Posted by joelalfaro

Fantastic effort each week. wow!

Posted by Winsord

Really loved this, hopeful that you guys will do some more stuff in this same vein. Curious though, does anyone know what headsets they're using? They look like studio monitor headphones, but couldn't get a good enough look at them to figure out brand/model.

Posted by mrangryface

Great idea!!!!!

Posted by BurningStickMan

Study this, kids. It's about a year's worth of college in one hour.

Posted by Bistromath

I was wondering what was up with low video volume.

Posted by Aistan

This was fascinating.

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This was cool. Though I could have guessed having spent some time with mixing boards myself, it's interesting to have Vinny confirm that he has to adjust the gain for quiet guys like Drew and Dave and for "super-loud" people like Ryan!

Posted by rain_elbows

This was awesome, great job guys.

Posted by Isomac

Thanks for taking the time to do this. It was cool to see the equipment used to create these videos.

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We need more of this in the future.

EDIT: Nice addition with the picture in picture stuff of things we didn't see during the stream.

Posted by Mijati

So to summarise: Magic.

Posted by Stymie

This was a really great video to watch, thanks a lot for putting it together!

Posted by mr187uk

Loved this, a great behind the scenes "Quick Look".

Posted by Hizang

This shit looks complicated.

Posted by ohwiseone

This whole video game me a semester of ONE basic VIdeo Class.

Jesus, Wish I would of saw this first.