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Posted by PolygonSlayer

That was really interesting. Some serious amount of flips and switches that goes on I see :D

Posted by OtterChaos

Great stuff, I'd like to see the Green Screen and Kinect setups and how that all works. Do LED lights run hot? I wonder if the studio lights could be changed to them. Would also like to know how often someone trips over a cable, props to Drew for moving all over while toting a camera.

Posted by fisk0

@Evilsbane said:

@Duffyside said:

Content Review.

This content has Vinny in it.


Well, its fucking true...

+ Drew. 8/5.

Posted by NicksCorner

Thanks guys, its nice to see what all the hours have been put in to. Looks like the investment paid off. A very slick operation. I'm impressed that its manageable by a single person.

Posted by packs217

@fisk0 said:

@Evilsbane said:

@Duffyside said:

Content Review.

This content has Vinny in it.


Well, its fucking true...

+ Drew. 8/5.

I believe when it includes both you multiply the two scores that each individual would have gotten and put the result over 5.

Vinny and Drew: 40/5

Posted by Mister_V

And now we know why all live streams start late. Great video guys, always a real treat to see how stuff like this is done.

Posted by megalowho

This stuff is great, thanks for doing it. I do production for live webcasts and you guys have a really nice setup, so many fun toys.

Posted by groverat

This convinced me to buy a $400 prime lens for my camera goddamit

Posted by peritus

@groverat said:

This convinced me to buy a $400 prime lens for my camera goddamit

haha, idiot. ( just kidding ! :p )

Posted by king0fprussia

Glad to hear that Vinny doesn't like Sennheusers. I just worked with a bunch of them and they were crap.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Goddamn I love mixing audio.

Posted by TheHT
Posted by Nux

I said this before and I'll say it again. I love it when they do videos like this.

Posted by Th3ed

What is the name of the song at ~20:30?

Posted by ThePantheon

Vinny / Drew - this was awesome. please make more vids like this, as a producer as well it was fantastic to see!

Posted by TheAdmin

@Nux said:

I said this before and I'll say it again. I love it when they do videos like this.

I agree! Please, more videos like these!

Posted by OllyOxenFree

So many buttons, switches, LEDs, monitors, cameras, cables, lights...

My head hurts.

Edited by Flixxx

How do you deal with audio/video sync with all those routings between devices? This is a great video! I hope you'll do more of those technical behind-the-scenes looks :)

Posted by augustoborn

This is all very, very cool. Great job Vinny and Drew!

Posted by Triumvir

I know this is extremely late, but I only got around to watching this today. This might be one of the best features you guys have ever done. I don't usually call out the staff with these tags, but I wanted to thank you guys directly for taking the time to shoot it and to archive it. You both do a heck of a job, and you have much more technical know-how than I think you'd like to admit --- if this video was any indication, anyway. Keep up the good work.

Posted by DonkeyKong

Really interesting video, I had no idea Vinny and Drew had to have all of that equipment running for a TNT.

Also, would it be possible for someone to make a gif. of the stuff Jeff does at 40:19 onwards to his angry face, it was amazing lol.

Posted by natetodamax

Thanks for the behind-the-scenes look! I really enjoyed it.

Posted by sirdesmond

This was awesome. I'm glad they finally got around to showing this stuff off. I'd love to see more in-depth ones in the future.

Also, that Brad transition is great!

Posted by Zephan

So much stuff to remember and I've already forgot half of it. :(

Really interesting though! Thanks for the insight into TNT

Posted by marbleCmoney

Awesome video. Really interesting to see how you guys do your thing.

Posted by jonnybob

Hey Vinny and Drew, this was awesome, thanks for taking the time to walk us through it, would love to see more.

Posted by GodlyOne

Vinny and Drew, the Batman and Robin of video production. Was a very interesting look at how much it takes to film all the Giant Bomb stuff. More features like this, please!

Posted by kkotd

A decent Behringer mix? I didn't think those exist! I've been burnt so many times by their 6 and 8 channel mixers.

Posted by TheBrainninja

Oh man, serious gear envy after seeing y'all's whole setup. I think I do alright juggling TV and receiver inputs, but I could improve it a bunch; USB over Ethernet seems like magic, and probably a good way of cleaning up a lot of my cable mess. I wonder if it ever breaks, and what else you could send down it with a dongle.

Regardless, I will voraciously consume any and all production-related content you can put out; I'd love to see a sequel focusing on the Folsom or the Quick Look room.

Posted by brokenbrute

It'd be great to see one of the 'how to make a..." for the bombcast. I have no idea how you can make a 3 hour podcast without making life hell in post.

Posted by ProfMembrane

This was awesome. Really fascinating and a lot of fun. Well done Vinny and Drew!

Posted by Neorub

That was really really cool. Keep doing these I will watch everyone of them.

Posted by vexidus

Thank you so much for doing this! I found it fascinating, and now have a greater appreciation for how hard you guys work to bring us great content.

Posted by wafflez

look out will and norm, Vinny And Drews Tested is coming!

Posted by d_biro

That was so cool and interesting to see. Stuff like this is what sets GB apart.. Thanks guys!

Posted by aquacadet

I love videos like this. I loved the photoshop ones from last years GOTY stuff.

Is it rude to ask how much this entire setup cost?

Posted by Xealot42

Drew's love of complex flight sims and giant manuals makes much more sense now!

Posted by GrimFandango9

Just shows how talented the production guys are. Keep it up guys!

Posted by porr

Holy crap thats a lot of equipment.

Posted by djou

Shit, that's a lot more complicated than I imagined. You guys work hard.

Posted by JustinTHOM

Any word if you guys are gonna do another one of these ?

Posted by xXHesekielXx

Super cool video! So interesting to see what's going on behind the scenes and how everything is controlled. More of these videos please...

Posted by coldblood

I want Vinny's job. I can do it.

Posted by slot9

lovin' it, thanks guys!

Posted by dvorak

@coldblood: But then he'd have to leave!

Posted by kennybaese

Man, I would kill for one of those hardware compressors. Their audio setup (for what they are doing) is rad. The video stuff is impressive, but mostly went over my head.

Posted by SavePoint

Super interesting stuff... you guys are awesome!

Posted by billyhoush

Vinny explaining a prime lens made me so happy. Please do more of these videos. It's production nerd porn.

Posted by mrcraggle

I look at the back of my computer and think it's just a mess of wires. It's practically wireless compared to everything these guys are running.

Posted by JoshS

Really love this video. I have watched it three times now. Please make more!