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Posted by medacris

I was thinking of a feature, perhaps a link on the side of a wiki article, that would display every Bombcast that mentioned whatever that article was about, so people who hadn't listened to every episode could go through to listen to every time the staff had talked about that game or that studio. How about it?

Posted by dankempster

As a fan of subcategories in general, I love this idea. Many's the time I've been playing a game and found myself wondering what the crew might have thought about it. In some cases that curiosity can be sated thanks to a review or Quick Look, but more often than not I'm simply left to wonder. Implementing a feature like this would make it a cinch to find out. Of course it would mean going back and 'tagging' all the old Bombcasts with the relevant games, franchises and studios, which I guess isn't impossible, but would require a fair amount of man-hours. But anyway - to this proposal, I say aye. Great, great idea.

Posted by NicksCorner

Sure, I could see this being meaningful for some people.

Posted by jking47

Pretty sure Ryan has said it is too much work, but yeah it would be pretty cool to have timestamps/links in the show notes or something.