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Posted by nutta27

Not another one of these?

Yep Another week another blog. I hope last weeks was in the least slightly interesting. I am planning to stick to a similar format for the time being at least. If anyone has any constructive criticism I honestly welcome it. This is the first thing I have ever done that involves writing in any kind of form and I am looking to hone my skills so please let me know if you have any ideas to make this blog better in any way. Enough with the bull shit, lets get on with this.

Whatcha playin?

If you read last week you will know that I have been playing Dishonoured and I wasn’t too sure about the game. Well guys good news. I have piled a fair bit of time into the game in the past week and my opinion has changed....slightly. Mere hours before sitting down to write this up I played the last 2 levels of the game and completed it with low chaos, therefore getting the better of the two endings. Saying that, the thing that changed my mind on the game was when I stopped worrying about my chaos level. Last week I played the game worrying, in the back of my mind always thinking if I kill this guy I won't get the better ending. Take my advice people, fuck that. Play the game in whatever way you enjoy and don’t worry about your chaos.

I found the most fun in approaching the levels like a puzzle, using blink and dark vision to get around enemies without being seen and to be honest that was hell of fun.

The game as a whole though is really short. My final time on steam counts it at 5 hours. That is with me basically mainlining the game. Not following the side mission, just making my way to the main objective killing my target and fucking off as quick as possible back to the boat.

So yeah as you can tell in the end I generally kind of liked this game. I wouldn’t recommend it as a buy to anyone, maybe just rent it. If you do though stick with it the first hour or 2 is kind of slow but after that the last 3 or 4 become kinda fun.

Anything Else?

  • Guardians of Middle Earth - Downloaded this as one of this months playstation plus titles. I don’t like MOBA games and I fucking hate Lord of the rings. I can't say that I am expecting much from this game. I played through the tutorial and tried to get in a game. Sat and waited ten minutes and fuck all. I will probably give it another go later this week.
  • Guild Wars 2 - Finally started the game. I actually bought it when it was released and never actually touched it. I decided to roll a human elementalist. I have so far played about an hour and the game seems pretty good. I am not really a big MMO fan but I loved the original so I can't wait to pack a bit more time into this.

What have I been watching?

Last week I mentioned for some fucked up reason that I have no clue of, that I started watching the fourth season of Prison Break. My god is that season bad. I just feel an obligation to finish up the story. Even after the god knows how many years break from season 1,2 and 3. I have always wondered how it all ended. Well now I know and even though the season as a whole is pretty damn shite, the film that caps it all off is really good, in my opinion. It brings it all back to a, well a prison break again. Yeah the reason Sara is locked up is full of bullshit but the events that pass after that moment in the film are actually kind of awesome. So I guess watching the fourth season wasn’t a total waste of my time.

Anything else happened?

Erm not really. A lot of work, Dishonoured and Gym. Yeah I finally hit up a proper regulated gym schedule. I decided to go 3 times a week and during those session I do 20 minutes cardio (usually running), 20 minutes weight training and then a further 10 minutes cardio. When I am not at the gym I am trying to find time to hit up a few push ups and sit ups at home too. I honestly don’t know too much about working out and getting fit so any help from the community would be met with thanks. I am not looking to get hench I just want to lose a little weight and tone up. So yeah guys if you have any ideas how I can change my plan please butt in with comments.

The End

With dishonoured done I am left wondering what game next? I did Pick up DmC this week. I also have Xcom, Sleeping Dogs and Hotline Miami on my backlog.

Again thanks for reading, any constructive criticism is welcome.