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Posted by MattGrant

G'damn, that's a haul.

Posted by mrfluke

Wow if that screenplay is the real deal, thats totally nuts.

Posted by BasketSnake

Sam Neill on the bottom left. Patrick.....the PHONES are working.

Posted by Bollard


Posted by Phatmac


Posted by Lab392

Goddamn, P. Kleps. If those signatures are forgeries, they're top-shelf.

Posted by ThePilgrums

Why would you give that away? Holy shit. Way too awesome.

Posted by Havok

Y'know, I've never quite felt as amazed watching a mailbag as I did watching this one. Crichton. Speilberg. Dino crap. Wow. Patrick has found his 'Precious'

Posted by cloudymusic

Wow, that's seriously awesome.

Posted by Jayxeno

This is amazing, hell I didn't receive anything and I'm speechless.

Posted by laxbro19

My 7 year old self is mega gealous right now.

Edited by MeatSim

Thanks for the shark shit!


Posted by Monkeyman04

That has to be the coolest thing anyone has sent GB.

Posted by beard_of_zeus

That's a hell of a generous mailbag. Good on ya, Joe!

Posted by patrickklepek


Posted by Bigbombomb

Wow, that is just too amazing. Props to Joe for being so generous.

Posted by Osaladin

Holy hell, that script is amazing!

Posted by Turambar

Mailbags have been amazing this year.

Posted by Savutano

@forkboy: That's what I thought as well. Also Tea Leoni on the bottom right corner.

Posted by FCDRandy

Office video shot by Ryan Davis: always opens on MODOK Mug. Truly the Kubrick of video game websites.

Posted by Abendlaender


Posted by DevourerOfTime

Annnnnd I imagine that is still freaking out.

Posted by Authun

did he say late crustaceous period or am I going nuts

Posted by TruthTellah

This was so nice! Joe really provided some great stuff.

Now Patrick has to respond with tons of awesome Jurassic Park content! ;)

Posted by The_Nubster


Posted by SuperWristBands

Wow. This is fantastic. What a gift!

Posted by AllanIceman

This is INSANE! Who has all this stuff?!

Posted by ejiehi

Bone, er?

Posted by Szlifier

This might the most expensive mailbag yet. Here is an estimated price of this script: old Ebay auction

Posted by EnduranceFun

I am literally speechless

Posted by nelson1tom

@AllanIceman said:

This is INSANE! Who has all this stuff?!


Posted by Colourful_Hippie

These mailbags just continue to get better and better.

Posted by Talis12

Mailbags getting crazy these days.. i love it

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This is the first one of these in a long time where the guy isn't just sending garbage through the mail...even if he literally sent a piece of shit. Well done.

Posted by colonelpopcorn

Those are the cardboard stand-ins from video rental stores. They let you know where a video would be at if there were any copies available to rent.

Blockbuster sold a bunch of those at their "everything must go" sale. Microwave and fridge were included.

Posted by M1M1C


Thank you Joe, such a cool mailbag. (You should put up some pictures of your collection!)

This makes me want to look on the internet for ancient fossils to display in my house!

Posted by Nerolus


Don't you mean so they can plagiarize?

Posted by Sevenout

The one-upmanship on these mailbags is getting intense. You have got to get that stuff in a display case/framed, including the script. Think of what an awesome conversation piece the Spielberg signature and or shark shit would be!

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

I can't imagine something as nuts as this ever being topped.

Posted by Slique

@Szlifier said:

This might the most expensive mailbag yet. Here is an estimated price of this script: old Ebay auction

Holy balls.

Posted by Breadfan

I want that Clementine hat in the video still!

Edited by MooseyMcMan

This stuff is RAD.

Also, as much as I hate Jurassic Park III, that is an AMAZING AND MIND BLOWING gift.

Edited by Sessh

The look on Jeff's face when seeing the bone was priceless.
Also holy shit what's going on? Best Mailbag ever, even though it's totally ridiculous to give this kinda stuff away.

Posted by MetalGearSunny

The best part of this is I KNOW THAT FUCKING GUY

Posted by mrariscottle

Wow, that is amazing. That script is something else, man.

Posted by SatelliteOfLove

Take it to a scientist so you can get Fossil Pokemons!

Posted by ripelivejam

wow unbelievably generous. kleptok's reaction to all of it put a smile on my face. :)

Posted by cabrit_sans_cor

Man... I half-expected Patrick to start weeping with joy during this. Especially when that script came out. That script should be framed/put in a case and put on fucking display... at least that's what I'd do with it.

Posted by Dynablade

@patrickklepek: Dude you got to get that script checked and authenticated by a professional when you have the time. Once you know for sure if it's legit then have it framed, or store it in some way where you can show that baby off. That's a mighty fine mantle piece there. Such an awesome haul man!

Posted by BlackSymbiote

This is insane and amazing! Joe is such a generous person. Just... Wow.