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Posted by JohnB

inspiration to us all, Joe

Posted by wrecks

Museum Quality.

Posted by Willtron

I mailed Ryan that mug, and I got shown the fuccccccccckk up. Damn, dude.

Lucky Patrick. Joe, you awesome.

Posted by michaelfossbakk

Wow. I would almost die for a signed script like that. Because, you know, can't appreciate it if I'm dead.

Also, I'm diggin' Jeff's goatee.

Posted by Mumrik

@Authun said:

did he say late crustaceous period or am I going nuts

You and me both then.

Posted by Brendan

Joe, man. Joe.

Posted by Daveyo520

@patrickklepek: You are an awesome dude Patrick it is great you got some really cool stuff.

Posted by Mumrik

@Lavs said:

Pictured are Stephen Spielberg and MIchael Crichton's signatures.

MC didn't even try to actually write all the letters, did he?

Posted by ripelivejam

hey JP3 wasn't that bad, for a monster/thriller movie. beat the lost world at least (haven't seen that one in a long while, though...)

Posted by guiseppe

That mailbag was sick! I'm thinking.. If that's the stuff this guy gave away. Just imagine what kind of stuff he has at home.

Posted by golguin

As a kid I used to really be into shark teeth after I went to Sea World. That's almost like dinosaur fossils.

Posted by BlaineBlaine

I dub thee bone to be thuggish AND ruggish.

Posted by MariachiMacabre

Fuck. That's gotta be one of the coolest mailbags ever.

Posted by mellotronrules

that all belongs in a museum.

Posted by BatmanBatman

I was like yeah cool, old bones, sure etc... then the script came up and I was like.... STFU!!

Posted by MormonWarrior

@TripMasterMunky said:

@Palaeomerus said:

Did Patrick call it 'the Crustaceous period'? When crabs and lobsters and shrimp ruled the earth?

Those were dark times man. Crabs were everywhere. No where was safe.

It's really my favorite era of natural history to study. It gets real dark in the middle, but it turns out alright in the end.

Posted by Neorub

Damn that is an awesome mailbag

Posted by heatDrive88

Holy fucking shit that JP3 script. If those signatures are indeed authentic, that is fucking amazing.

Posted by HerbieBug

@Mumrik said:

@Authun said:

did he say late crustaceous period or am I going nuts

You and me both then.

Crawdaddy period.

Posted by DefAde

Ahh man... this was so good to see.... Patrick's face was a picture

I often feel Patrick gets forgotten in other peoples mailbags

Posted by Draxyle

Jeez, it's going to get impossible for people to top these mailbags anymore.

Posted by Oombalan

That was really cool!

Posted by Mexican_Brownie

Awesome gifts, Joe. You rock! :P

Posted by Palaeomerus

@Sevenout said:

The one-upmanship on these mailbags is getting intense. You have got to get that stuff in a display case/framed, including the script. Think of what an awesome conversation piece the Spielberg signature and or shark shit would be!

Yeah. One day they are going to get two crates and one will have a giant authentic Olmec head from the Smithsonian and the other will have King Tut's golden mummy case full of hundred dollar bills and covered with the stolen original of Edvard Munch's The Scream from 'Who Ya boys Jeff?'. The Mummy case will win and the Smithsonian will be bummed out.

Posted by Carlos1408

Incredible! :D

Posted by Palaeomerus

One Mailbag in the future: Jeff opens cardboard tube.Dumps out the Koh-I-Noor, a gold tooth stolen from David Bowie, and the Hope Diamond.

Posted by Raven10

Well I doubt anyone is going to top that ever. But I said that when the dude sent in the hundreds of old games too. But seriously, someone just sent that script? That must be worth thousands of dollars at least. The Giantbomb community is insane. Just wow. And people were saying Mailbags were getting stale. Never challenge the Giantbomb community for they will rise to the challenge.

Posted by steelerzfan101

Getting all of those signatures on that script must have been a real pain in the ass. But, that is pretty good stuff there!

Posted by NoobSauceG7

That is incredible! I feel so happy for you Patrick and wow to Joe for sending that amazing stuff. Really cool!

Posted by CornBREDX

Ok, that's a legitimately awe inspiring mail bag right there. 
I am most jealous of the JP3 script. That's fucking bad ass. 
You should get those signatures authenticated and put that in a case or a box or something.

Posted by DougQuaid

Fuck man... signed by Sanchez? Holy shit.

Posted by Phished0ne

Then Patrick receives a PM that says "SHIT, did my wife put my signed copy of the script for Jurassic Park 3 in there??!?!"

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

Dinosaurs are fucking rad, y'all.

Posted by bunkerbuster05

@mellotronrules said:

that all belongs in a museum.

Top men are handling it.

Top. Men.

Posted by CastroCasper

Damn this shit seems valuable. Pretty awesome.

Posted by Grilledcheez


Posted by Shingro

Joe has easily sent over 1000$ of stuff just in straight Things, and it's awesome value goes way way beyond that, I'm sure Patrick will be on cloud nine for days, maybe weeks XD

Posted by patrickklepek

Believe me, I'm getting all of this framed. I already brought back the script my apartment. Need to find something more appropriate for all the fossils...

Posted by Benmo316

That's crazy awesome!

Posted by Krataur

"Camel toe."


Oh, Giant Bomb.

Easily the best mailbag ever. Even if that script is fake, the fossils are clearly real, and are just as cool in my opinion. And if it is authentic, that's a good $1000 easily Patrick just received. As was said, though, if this Joe guy was willing to just give this stuff away, imagine what else he has. Maybe...signed JP1 and Lost World scripts. You know, the good stuff!

Posted by Kinggi

Thats crazy. Thats just crazy man. Crazy. hnnng

Posted by Sanity

Thats really cool!

Posted by Tsuchikage


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The stuff people are sending them are just getting weirder and weirder lol awesome

Edited by AckbarTheGreat

I'm so glad you guys got this! I was worried sick that I put the address in wrong or something. I'm really happy you all dug this once my collection gets too big again I might send some more stuff your way!

Posted by Nizzleworth

hahaha sanchez.

Posted by FoxMulder

In other news, local museum finds multiple fossils, bones, and shark shit missing from displays.

Posted by Dourin

Those movie cards appear to be from Blockbuster. We called them "Backer cards" and they went behind the movies on the wall to signify what movie was supposed to be there in the event that they were all checked out. No idea if they still use those, as it's been some time since I've been in a Blockbuster.

Edited by falling_fast

the people sending them mail have been on a roll lately. wow

patrick's reaction is so cute, haha