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@AckbarTheGreat said:

I'm so glad you guys got this! I was worried sick that I put the address in wrong or something. I'm really happy you all dug this once my collection gets too big again I might send some more stuff your way!

this is your guy scoopz man,

but seriously dude, Signed script of jurassic park 3? thats insanely generous, Ultimate props to you, Patrick is going to be on cloud nine for weeks XD

Posted by kalibr

this mailbag renews my faith in humanity

Posted by Rabid619

Man this is AWESOME. Whoever sent this to Patrick is my hero. One day I'll go out and find some dinosaur fossils, it's been a dream of mine since I was a kid watching Jurassic Park for the first time. I could imagine that Patrick is very much the same way, so this makes me happy to see.

Posted by kerse

@TripMasterMunky said:

@Palaeomerus said:

Did Patrick call it 'the Crustaceous period'? When crabs and lobsters and shrimp ruled the earth?

Those were dark times man. Crabs were everywhere. No where was safe.

Its still not safe, they evolved man. And now they are disguised as humans some people call the illuminati. Think about it.

Posted by Peanut

"That's Spielberg..."

"Oh, you shut the fuck up..."

Posted by tamriilin

That looks like a legit Chrichton autograph, honestly; comparing them side by side and... yeah. pretty similar if not identical.

Posted by Subjugation

How generous. It's awesome that someone was able to send Patrick some stuff that he is obviously way in to. It's also nice to see a genuine reaction of happiness and gratitude, rather than the nonchalant "Oh, well thanks guys. Uh, yeah."

Posted by xxizzypop

Holy hell.

See, this is what mailbags are supposed to be. I mean, this is cream of the crop level of mailbag because oh my sweet lord actual fossils and a signed screenplay I'm not even super into paleontology and I would still do despicable things for those. But nonetheless. Watch and learn.

Congrats to Patrick and congrats on whoever was able to assemble all this stuff!

Posted by Vortextk

I worked at blockbuster till end of '10. That's actually new stuff, not old. Those are backer cards you put where the movies go, so you know where to put them back when it's checked out, of course.

Posted by marbleCmoney

That's just awesome.

Posted by mloco

More Patrick & Ryan videos on the site please! This was almost as good as the Kentucky Route Zero Quick Look.

You Guys Rock!


Posted by Little_Socrates

Oh, man. I almost got teary-eyed watching that the second time!

Beyond incredible, Joe. Warms my heart.

Posted by CosmicBatman

@Szlifier said:

This might the most expensive mailbag yet. Here is an estimated price of this script: old Ebay auction


Posted by zFUBARz

@Dourin said:

Those movie cards appear to be from Blockbuster. We called them "Backer cards" and they went behind the movies on the wall to signify what movie was supposed to be there in the event that they were all checked out. No idea if they still use those, as it's been some time since I've been in a Blockbuster.

I can confirm this, i worked at both Blockbuster until a few years ago when they went under up here and another movie rental chain as a second job until last year. Those are actually in really good shape, I worked at a fairly profitable location and our still looked like garbage, but hey what do you expect when you work at what is essentially free day care on a friday night while mom and dad pick out a movie boring enough to put there kids to sleep so they can bone.

I miss that job.

Posted by thebunnyhunter

So....2 hour quick look for Fire Emblem, Right?

Also we stopped mailing random crap in?...well I'm gonna have to rethink some things

Posted by joshth

@AckbarTheGreat said:

I'm so glad you guys got this! I was worried sick that I put the address in wrong or something. I'm really happy you all dug this once my collection gets too big again I might send some more stuff your way!

I think you need to know how seriously amazing you are.

Posted by Skorpichu

Patrick gonna jump Joe's bones!!!

Posted by SPARTAN3

Well good luck following that mailbag. WOW

Posted by Waffles13

"Hey Mom, you know how I write video game news? Well, today I got Spielberg and Michael Crichton's signatures and a fucking Mastodon tooth in a box from a stranger. You know, video games."

Posted by Pepsiman

@Waffles13 said:

"Hey Mom, you know how I write video game news? Well, today I got Spielberg and Michael Crichton's signatures and a fucking Mastodon tooth in a box from a stranger. You know, video games."

Mastodon Tooth is my favorite installment in the legendary Dinosaur Dental Hygiene game series. I see no problem here.

Posted by Ghost_Cat


Posted by Master_Funk


Posted by Quantical

How is anyone going to top that Mailbag?

Brb just gotta win the lottery.

Posted by Albedo12

That's it. Joe won the mailbag segment. I can stop trying to come up with ideas now.

Posted by xXHesekielXx

Wow. There are some really generous people in this world... If that script and the dinosaur pieces are genuine this mailbag is in the top five ever.

Posted by H7O

People's perception of other people's interests never sees to surprise me.

P.S. by people I mean that includes me as well (not trying to be condescending to the nice person who mailed those gifts)

Posted by BadNews

"Fragments of THQ in this bag"

Well played.

Posted by Sayishere

This is one hell of a mailbag, and ive seen alot of these in the past. Jesus.

Posted by Fattony12000




Goddamn it Joe, you are a scholar and a gentleman.

Posted by Foxillusion

This is incredible

You just won the mailbag segment Joe

Posted by advocatefish

Wow. This is great.

Posted by Bourbon_Warrior

I wonder if "Joe" is Joe Johnston, Director of Jurassic Park 3?

Posted by DarkbeatDK

Did the mailer just break into a natural history museum and loot it?

Posted by BombaLuigi

patrick just won the mailbag

Posted by SelfCon

The bar has been raised.

Posted by Winternet

Dude, what?! This mailbag was literally the shit. That was super cool. Man, the GB community is awesome!

Posted by probablytuna

This would go well with Jurassic Lark.

Posted by HowDire

"Camel toe" "Yeeeeah"...

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

Looks like someone spilled a little drink mess on the Clementine hat at 2:30.

Posted by Superfriend

"Sanchez" looks a hell of a lot like Sam Neil to me..

This stuff is actually worth a considerable amount of money.. you might want to consider keeping some of this away from home in case of a robbery or something. You never know what people do to get that sweet, sweet JPIII script.

Posted by Slab64

On the one hand, I appreciate Patricks childlike glee in the face of cool dinosaur stuff. On the other hand, it's like he's never even been inside a museum gift shop before. :P

Posted by TheLegendOfMart

Incredibly jealous of that script, even if JP3 was made up as it went along I still think its better than the Lost World.

I would lose my shit if someone handed me that script.

Posted by Corican

Incredible Mailbag, love seeing the generosity of users of this site.

Posted by Wacomole

I knew it was only a matter of time before people started sending them body parts in the mail.

Posted by mithical

Haha! I love that Patrick is so flustered by the JP3 script that Ryan has to verify each signature he's looking at for him before he can even speak. What an amazing and thoughtful gift. We hit a bit of a low point with mailbags earlier but it seems we're seeing some serious one-ups-manship going on. God knows what some crazy generous asshole is gonna send these guys next.

Posted by Cretaceous_Bob



Posted by SirOptimusPrime

This is bananas. Holy shit Joe, you done good.

This is the kind of escalation I can get behind.

Posted by Brandino

Either the guy who sent you that is extremely good at faking autographs or the michael one is real because i have a michael autograph and they look exactly the same.

That is one awesome thing to have.

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I can tell that that bone is an ulna. I used to be able to tell if it is the left or right ulna. My skills are fading. The bone does look quite human though, however black, possibly a simian but I haven't studied that.

The shark tooth is clearly from a Great White, nowhere near large enough to be a Megalodon tooth though. I always wanted a Great White tooth. I settled for a Tiger Shark tooth as a kid.

So is the time period in question the Cretaceous period? edit: lol, I totally missed that in the title!

The only thing more awesome than that signed script would be a notated, signed, shooting script. I would die for that. And Laura Dern's signature. And William H. Macy. and Spielberg and Crichton...I am soooper jealous dude!

Posted by Slow_pC

Makes me wish I still had a lot of my old 8088 days things to send to you all and great seeing the group give back to someone or the people that will really enjoy it!