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Posted by core1065

crazy cool!

Posted by mithhunter55


Posted by Robo

Man, these mailbags are getting crazy.

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Actual fucking fossils?!

As a dinosaur lover, this gave me a boner.

And those are the actual signatures of Michael Crighton, Sam Neill, and Steven Spielberg!

Posted by peritus


Posted by Choo_Parr

What a stupendous gift!

Posted by MarkHawk

That script signing is a fake, my girlfriend got me an identical one off ebay some years ago. I'll try and find it and take photos.

Posted by Anund

@Tryptophan said:

I can tell that that bone is an ulna. I used to be able to tell if it is the left or right ulna. My skills are fading. The bone does look quite human though, however black, possibly a simian but I haven't studied that.

The shark tooth is clearly from a Great White, nowhere near large enough to be a Megalodon tooth though. I always wanted a Great White tooth. I settled for a Tiger Shark tooth as a kid.

So is the time period in question the Cretaceous period? edit: lol, I totally missed that in the title!

The only thing more awesome than that signed script would be a notated, signed, shooting script. I would die for that. And Laura Dern's signature. And William H. Macy. and Spielberg and Crichton...I am soooper jealous dude!

He never said it was a megalodon tooth, he said it was the core of one. I would imagine the core would be quite a lot smaller than the actual tooth.

Posted by Jedted

They should just read that JP3 script for the next Unprofessional Friday.

Posted by Spaceyoghurt

Patrik: Cameltoe

Creepy Jeff: Yeaaah.

Posted by JamesM

@bricewgilbert said:

Turtle shell fragments all the way down? Clever.

Yeah, I was impressed.

Posted by Y2Ken

This is all fucking cool. Nice job, Joe.

Posted by bricewgilbert

Turtle shell fragments all the way down? Clever.

Posted by falconpunch

wow. props to that guy

Posted by CaptainThunderpants

@Toxin066 said:

Holy fucking shit. This mailbag stuff is getting out of hand.

At least it's not a bag of random trash like it was for a while.

Posted by bigevil1987

@PurpleSpandex: I can confirm this. I have many of them from my old Blockbuster days

Posted by Tesla

Signature on the bottom right of page obviously belongs to the great Tea Leoni.

Posted by MoonwalkSA


Also that was a great gift for Patrick.

Posted by DEFE

Awesome gift. Way to go, Joe. And man, I'm looking forward to seeing them play Majora's Mask, even if I know that I'll be that guy freaking out behind his computer whenever they take a wrong turn. I try not to be that guy, but Majora's Mask is a big one for me.

Posted by cassus

Fairly certain 5:10 is a bag of hash.

Great gift by the way. Both the fossils and the hash.

Posted by selbie

The fossilized camel toe trumps everything else in that box. Well played Joe.

Posted by Janezcky

Holy shit that's awesome!

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

Incredible. Joe, you're awesome.

Posted by Vague_Optimism

Now go have one of your teeth replaced with the megalodon core.

Posted by pakalolobro420

this was a good video man

Posted by Toxin066

Holy fucking shit. This mailbag stuff is getting out of hand.

Posted by Rodiard

That's the bone that started violence.

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

That's pretty awesome.

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Oh wow. That's a treasure chest right there, especially for Patrick.

Posted by Mercanis

A museum display case for the fossils and autographed script would be humorously incongruous with the rest of the Giant Bomb office.

Posted by Set



Posted by alternate

You can't verify a signature over the internet. Even a half assed counterfeiter is going to look up exemplars and then copy or trace from those. you need to see it in person. Have y'all never watched pawn stars :)

Not that I think the dude would knowingly send in a fake or anything.

Posted by Shortbreadtom

@AckbarTheGreat: Hey, Ackbar? If this really was you who sent all this shit... you should know you're pretty great.

Posted by VibratingDonkey


I have Spielberg's autograph as well. It's right there on my Director's Chair box. It's in silver and everything. So screw you Patrick!

Posted by mellotronrules

@bunkerbuster05 said:

@mellotronrules said:

that all belongs in a museum.

Top men are handling it.

Top. Men.

*throws himself overboard*

Posted by PurpleSpandex

Those movie cards were used in video stores as a placeholder, so workers knew where to put movies.

SOURCE: I worked in video stores.

Posted by Almerc

Awesome. Really hope Jeff will give a script reading during a live show soon. Maybe TNT tonight, after we get to the exciting conclusion of space jam!

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I love that Patrick is totally loves this

Posted by TheFrostedGamer

You can make the argument that dinosaur bones were put in the ground by Satan to confuse Christians, but c'mon. It’s different when it’s a woman, this is over the line, and The Dark Lord should have known better.

Posted by ShaggE

@HansKisaragi said:

seriously.. cant people stop sending this trash


Posted by Czarpyotr

Holy shit man, that autographed script is fucking insane. Props to you man.

Posted by gbrading

Fossilized Manatee!

Posted by Sarumarine

@Sogeman said:

I'm gonna send them the Ark of the Covenant next. I hope it gets through customs.

"Just remember, don't open it, at least not with your eyes open. Love the site! Thanks guys!"

Posted by Khane

Looks like that signature under Patrick's thumb is Téa Leoni.

Posted by Kirios

Patrick you HAVE to get a display case for all of those fossils and a very nice frame for that autographed script. That's a legitimately awesome fossil collection you've got.

Posted by hollitz

"Turtle shell fragments all the way down."

I applauded out lout.

Posted by oasisbeyond

I'm sending you guys 50 000$ in cash, get ready for the best mailbag ever!

Posted by TekZero

I'm going to clean out my closet and send it to the crew. Hope you guys like old bowling balls!

Posted by sonicrift

That's definitely Tea Leoni at the bottom. http://my-autographs.de/images/Tea_Leoni.jpg

Posted by AlmostSwedish

This is amazing. Joe, you are an inspiration to us all.