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Posted by development

oh man. favorite part of Guerrilla was getting in the guts of buildings and laying down remote charges. There's something about climbing catwalks and ladders inside of a building that you know won't exist seconds from now... feels like magic.

Posted by ICantBeStopped

" (Blank) was better than it had any business being" is the new ostensibly.

Posted by Rox360

Oh yeah, that is Zim doing his best Invader Zim... Also, the weapon names in Blood on the Sand amuse me greatly. Cole 19-11? Desert Hawk? Dragon SUV? Brilliant.

Posted by ConduitFourSale

Saints Row 4 is a mess in its current iteration. I wonder how the move to Koch/Deep Silver will affect it in the end.

Posted by DASH


" (Blank) was better than it had any business being" is the new ostensibly.

Thank you for saying what needed to be said.

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I will be one to say that Patrick is out of his goddamn mind for playing Metro 2033 in Russian. The voice actors in English voice actor's accents totally sell the atmosphere and the random flavor dialogue is too good to miss. That and honestly the gun combat with other soldiers was very measured and a lot of fun. It's when the monster show up and start attacking up close that the combat just becomes frustrating.

My knowledge of the Nyan Cat thing was that it was put up by GameSpot people before GB moved in there and now they have an excuse to take it down.

Posted by AsherV20

@Matoyak: Had the same reaction to the stuff. Couldn't finish the bottle I bought.

Posted by SpunkyHePanda

Poor Matt Hazard. Will Arnett and NPH in a video game about a video game character's comeback? Why wasn't that great?

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While I'm glad Metro 2033 got shown, showed off a really boring part. He should have shown off the Dead City levels. It shows off the beautiful world, the immersion of the Gas Mask view, and the suspense crawling around in dark buildings looking for ammo and filters while fighting off mutants.

BTW, the shooting in it is fine if you hit the AIM BUTTON, which Patrick didn't do at all. That kinda bugged me.

Posted by Matoyak

@AsherV20: Yup, had a quarter bottle or so, and just...no. There was nothing redeemable about it. Figured it might be the brand I bought or something, because I've never heard anyone say they disliked it (and it's often brought up as being really good on Giant Bomb and elsewhere), but everyone I had try it couldn't stomach it. Nor was it expired.

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I love vapin'. Vitamins.
I wish I had a gif of 50's face when he found out Coca-Cola was buying Vitamin Water.

Posted by jkz

@ultrapeanut said:

I love vapin'. Vitamins.

Don't. I. Know. It.

Posted by probablytuna


Posted by dr_mantas

Man, post-apocalyptic Russia ain't all that different from current Russia.

Posted by JSwan13

Down with Nyan Cat!!!!

Posted by HedinnWeis

Aren't there weird story connections to Saints Row in Red Faction and vice versa?

Posted by peritus

@HedinnWeis: Yeah, Ultor!

Posted by HedinnWeis

@peritus: They need to go out of their way to connect the games. Saints 2149: The Red Faction or something.

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Man, I really disagree with the opinions on this TNT. Destroy All Humans was never good. They talked about it being a decent series, and cursed literally ever aspect of the game while they played it.

Also, I swear Patrick will just like and defend any game he has played, basically. I think he gives Deadly Creatures and De Blob a little more credit than they really deserve, but OH MY GOD, Advent Rising was absolutely horrible. You can't even defend its story, because the game told it incredibly poorly and left a bunch of universe details lazily unexplained. And your character just gets more Force powers at random intervals for no reason, and the powers are all OP as fuck, and you had to level up the weapons for no reason, and the couple boss fights were really tedious, and none of the twists made any sense, and that is just a bad game.

Posted by dcking

Dota has been really unkind to Brad.