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Posted by Oedipus

Man. Killing it, you guys.

Posted by bananaz

They really should have announced the game with this. Imagine if this was all you had. Brilliant.

Posted by mostman

Mass Effect Codex narrator?

Posted by Morden2261

Fantastic marketing.

Posted by DSale

The true sequel to Bioshock.

Posted by ExplodeMode

Really cool.

@tenniscrazy said:

Can't wait for this game, but what are the tie ins to 1 and 2?

A crazy visionary creates his own society that falls in on itself. You play as an outsider thrust into the setting.

Maybe the names aren't the same, but it seems similar in spirit.

Posted by AGold

Wait where's the dubstep?

Posted by tayls

Hot damn. Wow.

Posted by MrCaptain

atleast the atmosphere will be one of the best. As espected from the makers of bioshock.

Posted by face15


Edited by Max_Cherry

Cool. Looks like something you would see on the discovery channel or PBS.

Edited by CastroCasper

Had to come back a day later to watch this, and yup, what a great trailer. The intro and music, the letterboxing, the awesome stock footage type shots. Holy hell, I really didn't enjoy the first two Bioshocks, but just from the idea alone, this game sounds great. Maybe ill just never play it and always wonder what it could be.

Also, who do I gotta seduce to get one of those prop skyhooks?

Posted by mr_shoeless

This video is such artistic genius it convinced me to pre-order. That's saying something because the only other game I've ever pre-ordered was Portal 2.

Posted by BisonHero
@branthog said:

I wonder if anyone under the age of 30 ever had actual film reels like this in school . . . or . . . knows what a film reel was. :P

For what it's worth, I'm 24 and I encountered some film reels like this in school. Both of the elementary schools I attended were built in the 50s, and while the library obviously had added newer VHS and DVD material, the school still had functioning projectors and the teachers occasionally used them (I recall it mostly being used to show us short films for English class, and then we basically wrote a report about the film).

Watching stuff on a projector was rad.

Edited by iragequit

I was pretty sold on this awhile back, but when I saw the 2 videos done in this style I was blown away. I love this alternate reality and it's so awesome in this old educational format.