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Posted by McBonJon

I started my run with the ‘Four in February’ with Darksiders II being the first game to go for.According to game time, I’ve put in six and a half hours at this point. I’m enjoying what I’m playing and am starting to dig it. I’m currently located in the Forge Lands with the Makers trying to get to the Tree of Life. I don’t think I’m that far in to the game right now and have quite a distance to go.

One thing that keeps distracting me is trying to do the side quests in the game. I’ve already completed a few of them right now and have this strange obsession to complete them. I need to work out my time carefully to complete the game and move on. I don’t think this will be a problem, but something I need to keep an eye on.

From now, I’ll be referring to ‘Four in February’ as FnF. I’ll give another update in the next few days.