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Nope. Jeff doesnt kid about Skylanders stuff. The man has spent a fortune on this stuff.

Well at least over 300 dollars.

Jeff strikes me as the kind of crazy fucker who would spend $300 for a joke.

I wish he would have spent that money on a decent microphone instead.

Let's not forget how much he spent on Game Room. :P

This video reminds me of the NintenDownload Express.

Posted by gbrading

Thank you for telling me about Skylanders. I now feel most informed. I had to turn my speakers down though.

Posted by Shaanyboi

The magnets must flow...

Posted by durden77

Jeff.....the Skylanders....they.....

........nevermind. Thanks for the yelling man.

Posted by Largo6661

Is that first Skylander standing in Columbia?

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I was on the ground at 1:20! Great stuff.

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

@animathias said:

Never change, Jeff.
Posted by koopakorral

Groundbreaking journalism going on here.

Posted by OriginalYellow

I cant tell if Jeff is slightly plastered in this video or not, the beginning makes it seem like it, but he seems to gain some sobriety when he gets into it.

Posted by Konig2540

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@animathias said:

Never change, Jeff.
Posted by Coolarman

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@animathias said:

Never change, Jeff.
Posted by Pinefresh

I don't think it's possible for me to give less of a shit about anything relating to Skylanders, but I'll watch Jeff talk about anything and still enjoy it.

Posted by pancakehumper

Mic + Compressor = your friend :(

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Any of you duders ever play Impossible Creatures? I have fond memories of that game, and this reminds me of that quite a bit. I actually forgot that was a Relic game until I looked at the wiki page again just now.

Posted by mrfluke

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@animathias said:

Never change, Jeff.
Posted by Colourful_Hippie

This game is going to do wonders for Jeff's wallet.

Posted by meaninoflife42

I trust what this man in his underwear says for some weird reason...

Posted by liako21

this video is bullshit. you know jeffs not wearin underwear.

Posted by CornBREDX

I can't help but ask. Are kids actually into this franchise, or is it just adults that think this is awesome (which, to be clear, it seems like it is but not really my thing)?

Posted by Maginnovision

@CornBREDX: I was at a Chinese restaurant a couple weeks ago and just happened to have some couple with their kids sit behind us. I though oh great, another night out ruined. But the kids ended up just talking about skylanders and how great it was. They even had some of their favorites with them. I think it's pretty popular.

Posted by HHAP

This reminds of me Medabots. They had little figurines that you could interchange both hands, feet, head and torso and they also had a few video games but never integrated them together.

Posted by courage_wolf

So will they have Giant Light Core Swap Force Skylanders in this series?

Posted by T_Utt

Listening to Jeffs idea about what should be next for video games in general is always great.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

"Keep your eyes on the skies' prize, guys."

Posted by qualus

Ohh I just love Jeff. Just LUUURVE him. Would in the future too, if my hearing wouldnt've GONE WITH THIS VIDEO! But seriously, Jeff: YOU ROCK!

Posted by geirr

@Dark_Lord_Spam said:

"Keep your eyes on the skies' prize, guys."


Posted by probablytuna

Next Generation Preview!

Posted by Max_Cherry

I'm sorry. I just don't care about Skylanders.

Posted by sir_tonk

@Max_Cherry: What a helpful comment on a video about Skylanders. Do you regularly comment on content that focuses on things you don't like?

Posted by Clockwork_saint

@geirr: Words to live by, bye, baby!

Posted by MeAuntieNora

I think this video is relevant... If it hasn't been posted already that is.

Posted by Vampire_Chibi

jeff looks tired

Posted by shakra

Oh god I'm going to spend so much more money.

Posted by HerbieBug

Jeff turn down your mic level. Mad distortion!

Posted by AcidBrandon18

Are Skylanders the new Pokemon?

Posted by MarvinPontiac

@CornBREDX: They're insane into it. If you ask my 5 year old nephew how he's doing, he'll just yell "Skylanders!" at you. He barely even plays the video-game part of it. My 3 year old nephew also loves them. He likes piling them together and then lining them up to see which ones he has. They both bring them every single place they go. School. Restaurants. The car. Bathtub. Pooping. Not pooping. If I were dying on the side of the road, they would ask the Skylanders if they were okay.

Posted by Max_Cherry

No, but I was hooked by the "grown man in his underwear" part.

Posted by capman2455

Aw yeah, that peakin'