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Posted by snide

Good gracious, it's almost over. The engineering team here at CBSi plans to launch the 100% rebuild and redesign of Giant Bomb on February 12, 2013. That's Tuesday, one week from today. Despite an intimidating bug queue still in front of the team, Danny Chi (pictured), our lead engineer, gave me the nod to prep you guys that we're near the end. In my usual "bullet points are awesome" way, here are some things you should know.

  • On the night of Sunday, February 10, we will take a final snapshot from the live database. Any additions made from that point till the launch will likely not make it to the new site.
  • Also on February 10, I'll be pushing code to the live website that disables billing management and various login/password areas of the site so that users can't make changes that would cause them problems.
  • Subscription renewal during this dead period will not be processed. When the new site goes up, we will turn our nightly processing back on once we're stable on the new platform. There will be no interruption to your features during this time.
  • Because all of our RSS feeds were rebuilt, your readers / podcast managers will likely freak out initially, and then quickly return to a normal, regularly updating state.
  • Along with everything else, we are changing our video hosting provider. This should fix a lot of the slowness people have witnessed with our videos in the past six months. We'll be testing this on the beta site in a couple days.
  • Comic Vine's launch will follow a few weeks later. To keep members of both sites in sync, we'll be shutting down signup and password changes on that site till they're out.

If you haven't done so already, I highly suggest jumping over to the beta site at some point this week and trying the site out. We recently opened it up to all registered users (as long as you signed up before Thanksgiving of 2012). This also means that if you changed your password since Thanksgiving, you'll want to use your old password to check in on the beta. Everything will get updated once we do the final migration next week. However, if you are having trouble logging into the beta, please send and a Private Message (on this site) with the following information.

  1. Your Giant Bomb user name.
  2. Your email address.
  3. If you're a user from the old days do you have a central username that is different than your giant bomb username?
  4. Is there anything odd about your password (foreign characters, abnormally long...etc) that you think might be causing a problem?
  5. Are you using Facebook to login?

Thanks for your patience during the past year, as we've taken the time to set up the new site. There were a lot of ways this whole experience could have gone bad, both within the community and within our own team here. I'd like to think we did a pretty decent job of keeping you guys informed and a part of the process along the way, and we won't run into the "why did they change it" feedback that normally comes with site changes of this size. It's been a fun ride. Hopefully, it'll also be a smooth one, and I'll be drunk and celebrating with all the engineers next week! More likely we'll all be in a panic making fixes, but I'm gonna stick to that fantasy, as always.

Posted by RE_Player1

Can't wait!!

Posted by TzarStefan


Edited by spiketail

Sweetness! Loving the new look and can't wait for it to go live. :D

Massive thanks to the Engineering team!

Posted by ip007


Edited by White_Silhouette

Can't wait.

Edit (which the site will then break on Feb 20'th when Sony shows off whatever they are teasing..)

Posted by Sil3n7

Nuclear launch detected!

Posted by bassman2112

Thanks Dave. Been loving the beta, and really looking forward to it becoming the standard. Best of luck with everything on the backend!

Posted by Funkydupe

Very cool. Keeping the site new and fresh :)

Posted by hollitz

Is it going to have Gaikai?

Posted by Mister_V

Awesome, can't wait. Well done to Dave, Alexis and the rest of the team.

Posted by MeatSim

I agree, thumbs up.

Posted by zyn

Oh, use my "old password" to log into the beta site.

Thanks Dave! :)

Posted by BBQBram

Haven't checked out the beta that much but I'm very excited to see the whole thing come together. Good on ya, team!

Posted by Baltimore

Good luck with the transition guys. I've been there a few times and know how bananas things can get.

Posted by Red12b

no you'll be drunk and bug fixing

every comment box will be filled with drunken hardcore snide slurs,

That's my fantasy anyway

Posted by zFUBARz

Bad ass

Excited to to use the pin feature and such, hopefully they fixed the html 5 bug so I can use it again as well.

Posted by Unequivocable

Woohoo! Polls for all!

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

Live Live Seaserpent GiantBomb Live is going Live in February!

And this time, they're doing it, Live! Can't wait for Hardcore Giant Bomb/Comic Vine to be spread amongst the masses.

I know this is far too late for feature requests, but I really miss the unified log in from the whiskey media days where I logged in on one site and it knew who I was on all of them. Could that make a comeback at some point so I don't have to log in on GB/CV separately? If this is already happening, please disregard my foolish ignorance.

Posted by kagato

Yes! I love this site but im happy to see some changes, embrace the new ^_^

Posted by PimblyCharles

The new site works great on smartphones, so I'm excited for everyone to be able to use it. They've done a good job, I just hope polls work 100% when it goes live. However, an undefined here or there would be welcome.

Posted by TruthTellah

Good gracious, it's almost over.

Ohoho... It has only just begun.

Posted by zyn

@TruthTellah said:

Good gracious, it's almost over.

Ohoho... It has only just begun.

dun dun DUN!

Posted by dr_mantas

Is there gonna be a forum thread feed at the bottom of the new site's front page?

Posted by bkbroiler

I've never been so excited in my liiiiiiiiiiife

Posted by Athadam

Be sure to live-stream the website launch and celebration !

Posted by ShinyTan


Posted by Fobwashed

Premature Congratulations! This being a video game website, I hope you guys push back the date, release a day one patch and then announce new paid DLC midway through launch day. =D

Posted by Forcen

Please bring back RSS feeds for the user blogs!:(

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

Going to miss messing around with the game covers on the front page :(

Posted by ImmortalSaiyan

I just hope there is an option for black background on the full site.

Posted by joshthebear
Posted by TheYear20XX

Let's light the fuse on this sucker.

Posted by Skillface

@ImmortalSaiyan: There is on the beta site right now. Top right corner

Posted by MmmSkyscraper

My browser is ready.

Posted by gbrading


Posted by ptc

Is achievement tracking officially going away?

Posted by Phatmac


Posted by ImmortalSaiyan

@Skillface said:

@ImmortalSaiyan: There is on the beta site right now. Top right corner

Thank you. The color is minor but it would bum me out if I could not change it. Much prefer the black site.

Posted by andrewf87462

I'm looking forward to the site re-launch. Thanks for the info Dave.

Posted by Tonch

I signed up much more recently so I can't access the beta site, but I've seen a bit of what it looks like and I'm impressed.

I was kind of worried that I'd have to get used to a completely new look and feel again after only signing up recently, but the new site is similar-looking to this one, just... better. (Thank heavens there's still a dark skin for the site.)

Good work guys, I'm looking forward to using the new site.

Posted by TehJedicake

I personally don't understand how there's still some people who aren't premium members to Giantbomb, but that's just me xD

Posted by MachoFantastico

And it begins!

Posted by CycloneDE

@ShinyTan said:



Posted by Genfuyung

So excited

Posted by Sweetz

Kind of surprised they're taking it live this soon. Streaming videos don't work, looks like they just straight up removed the option (kind of a big deal on site where video content is the point and their progressive player doesn't allow skipping), and as of last Unprofessional Friday, the live chat still crashed if you breathed on it the wrong way.

I like the new site though, only thing I don't like design-wise is that reviews are now constrained to a fixed width column like news posts and can no longer resize take up the full width of the screen. IMO they're not as nice to read as a result.

Posted by Jechtshot78

Congrats guys!

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

@andrewf87462 said:

I'm looking forward to the site re-launch. Thanks for the info Dave.

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

Awwwww yeeeah

Posted by Phished0ne

Break out the streamers, banners, confetti and champagne, its time for a website redesign launch!

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