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Posted by InhumanAchievement

The ps4 will probably be highly cloud based anyways. There's probably a 98% chance there won't be a ps5.

Posted by Blu3V3nom07

My brain just farted. ~ Sure, kid. Maybe people will still hate ME3 by then.

Posted by HumanityPlague

If Syndicate is what the PS9 really was, it's going to be blinding a lot of people who buy it.

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What you're not taking into account is that somewhere around 2050, hardware will become auto-upgradeable, i.e. it will become capable of improving itself. Thus, further upgrades beyond this point will only be at the pace of particle physics as we learn how to properly incorporate further advances in quantum theory and enhance computing power by parallel processing through alternate dimensions. When you take these facts into account, Sony's timeline is actually very ambitious and may represent a sign of increased grants to technical schools like MIT in the near future.

Posted by moffattron9000

I'm pretty sure that the PS9 is what syndicate was. Also I don't want to be an early adopter, especially when one of those spores break and suddenly your giving the finger 24/7.

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PlayStation 9 looks dumb, I can't wait until PSX brings it all back to regular-old controllers.

@Raven10 said:

I'd bet quite a bit that there will never be a PS9. I doubt there will even be a PS5. As soon as ultra-high speed Internet becomes standard in the majority of major gaming markets then cloud gaming will be introduced.

So in 2092? Given the rate at which "ultra high speed internet" is becoming available in the US, I bet that's about how long it'll take.

Posted by Colourful_Hippie


Posted by egg

Think of PC as one of the PS(x)'s. PC has been around for decades. The same thing could happen to Playstation. One of the PS(x)'s could be a PC-like platform, or a cloud gaming service as mentioned above, and it could stay like that for decades until a new tech leap happens such as VR or portable holograms, or brain implant, etc.

egg, PhD

Posted by Raven10

I'd bet quite a bit that there will never be a PS9. I doubt there will even be a PS5. As soon as ultra-high speed Internet becomes standard in the majority of major gaming markets then cloud gaming will be introduced. After all gamers can't sell or pirate something they don't actually possess. It is the ultimate solution for game companies. Basically just sell gamers the rights to stream the game from their servers. And as with all Cloud systems, there is no need for a new system as all the computing is done server side. Besides, the microchip is nearing its physical limit. They have already managed to put off quantum tunneling with some coatings and such but we've already passed the limit of the size a plain piece of silicon can be cut. Once we hit the point of 10 nm or so then quantum tunneling will become unavoidable and Moore's Law will have reached its conclusion. At that point computers can not get significantly more powerful without increasing the size of the computer. The end solution is quantum computing which could drastically increase the processing potential of computers but we are still decades away from making a functional one. The solution of course is Cloud computing where all the processing is done by a single super computer and the results are streamed to the screens of all devices in the world. This is the final state of computer evolution as predicted by Isaac Assimov. He claimed computers would get smaller and smaller until we hit a minimum size at which point several large super computers would come to dominate all world computing. He has been spot on thus far (although his time table has been off) and his final stage of computer evolution will be upon us in less than ten years.

Edited by HumanityPlague

So, if the PS9 is due out in 2078 as the old commercial said, with the PS2 out in 2000, the PS3 out in 2006, and the PS4 out in 2013 (rumored anyway), where does this leave Sony's long-term plans? There's still 65 years between the PS4's release date, and the PS9's. Do they just hope that each new Playstation can hold the line longer? Does that mean a PS5 is due out sometime in 2025? PS6 in 2037. PS7 in 2052. PS8 in 2061. Then finally the PS9 in 2078? That seems like an awfully long time between the PS8 coming out and the PS9.

Here is the commercial in question:

You can fudge the numbers a little bit, maybe say the PS6 will be due out in 2038, or the PS8 won't be out till 2065, but Sony has set a time-limit on themselves for getting the Playstation 9 out in the year 2078. I've solved it all.