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Posted by drstrawberry

Fucking awesome

Posted by Shuborno

I get the PS3/360 versions, but I don't get bumping the Wii U version back.

I thought Rayman Origins didn't do very well on current gen platforms. It seems like they could have build mindshare by having Legends known as one of the best games on Wii U (instead of a sequel to a failed platformer on the other consoles).

Posted by cikame

It's annoying when someone can herald a decision like this by saying something like "we want everyone to be able to play this game, it's for the fans!", so what was the aim originally?
It must be a really hard decision to be exclusive to a console when that console only represents part of a larger market, especially a console that is not exactly doing things the others can't do.

Posted by Gaff

It's the Gamecube all over again?

Posted by Zaccheus

Fuck yes!

Posted by sunsetstreek

Bought a Wii U partially for this, a bit miffed by that tbh, but hey more people get to play it, just wish it wasn't delayed.

Posted by Shaanyboi

@Aegon said:

So, why are people angry about this?

A completed game ready for launch in two weeks is being delayed for several months for the sake of being ported to other platforms.

The ports I get, but it's the WiiU versions sitting somewhere in a warehouse for no good reason is what baffles me.

Posted by Ramone

Yay for me, sucks for Wii U owners.

Also does anyone know how different this is to Origins? Are they 2 completely different games.

Posted by Baltimore

Wow. Ubisoft just kind kicked Nintendo in the junk.

Posted by evanbower

How does this happen 20 days before release? So strange.

Posted by benu302000

Man, I feel super good for buying a Wii U now.

Good investment...

Posted by ChrisTaran

And with that, I will no longer be supporting this game. No reason they couldn't have shipped the WiiU version as planned and then release the ports in September.

Posted by zoozilla
Posted by altairre

There were three games exclusive to the WiiU I wanted and those were Bayonetta 2, Rayman Legends and Ninja Gaiden Razors Edge. This situation has developed pretty well and there are even more reasons now not to buy the WiiU.

Posted by JohnLocke

I hope this has an online co-op component this time, that is one of the few things I disliked with Origins (my friend has the game but we can not always get to each others so online play would be ideal). However, that said, I will most likely get this as the demo of the Wii U version is nice and I have a soft spot for well made 2D platform games so this seems to fit the bill.

Posted by FirePrince

Next Headline:

"Bayonetta 2 confirmed multiplatform, Wii U loses reason to exist".

Posted by graf1k

@FirePrince said:

Next Headline:

"Bayonetta 2 confirmed multiplatform, Wii U loses reason to exist".

Hard to see that happening as Nintendo is publishing it, but I have a friend that would literally jump for joy if it did.

Posted by Eaxis

Bayonetta 2 seems to be doomed on WiiU, hopefully this Rayman game and another Bayonetta could be released on the new consoles in some form.

Posted by MindChamber

I played the demo at a store and was hooked, I actually was considering a Wii U for this game,

thank god now I dont have to

Posted by gunslingerNZ

This is great, I was never going to buy a Wii U so was actually kind of annoyed to be missing out on this game. Sure does paint a very grim picture for the Wii U though, I hear it mentioned so rarely that I've found myself forgetting it existed on several occasions.

Posted by supermonkey122

That's pretty shitty. It's great that more people get to play it, but there was no reason to delay the Wii U version.

Edited by Hyperfludd

That delay is incredible nuts, holy shit. It's like Ubisoft is sending the game off to die against GTA5 and the like.

Posted by fjor

6 months.....wtf

Posted by AndrewDeLong
Posted by TheRedDeath

Well I guess I don't have to buy a Wii U now, but I really didn't want to wait till September...

Posted by OllyOxenFree

I blame the French.

Posted by Cold_Wolven

I hope releasing in the same month as GTA V won't hurt it.

Posted by Fearbeard

Good business move for Ubisoft. Though the chances of me buying a Wii U soon has dropped considerably.

Posted by Bane122
@Baltimore: And a portion of the fanbase.
It's a damn shame. now that it's not coming out so close to the holiday rush and, presumably, the next consoles, I seriously doubt I get it now. The original release date was great. 
Ubisoft fucked this up.
Posted by Vexxan

I feel sorry for the people who bought a WiiU for this game.

Posted by homelessviking

I think the delay is dumb too, but I'm not sure the new release date will be affected by the new consoles. It's not as if everyone will stop playing their PS3s/360s in anticipation for the new machines, nor will every console owner upgrade day one. It's also safe to assume there willl be a lull post-launch for both consoles. We will need games like this and GTA to hold us over.

In regards to Nintendo, while I love my 3DS, unless Wii U's first party games come quick and knock it out of the park, I for one will probably skip yet another Nintendo console generation.

Posted by MetalGearSunny


Posted by Demoskinos

@Cincaid said:

So this is the second Wii U exclusive in two days that is no longer a Wii U exclusive (Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge being the other one)? Alright...

Yeah, the sudden exodus of WiiU exclusives is...weird.

Posted by algertman

Nintendo should change up Pokemon X/Y release date just to screw with this game.  

Posted by MeatSim

Another reason to not buy a Wii U for me.

Posted by algertman

If you have a WiiU go check Miiverse.  Laughs to be had.  

Posted by fisk0

@Relshak said:

@Vexxan said:

I feel sorry for the people who bought a WiiU for this game.

Those people should have waited until the game released to buy a WiiU

Yeah, I find it really odd to purchase a console before the games you want are out for it. Not only do you get to skip the part where you've just bought a console and don't have any games to play on it, but you may also be able to find the console cheaper by the time the game(s) you want for it is out.

Posted by Triumvir

That's kind of a dick move. A gigantic, French dick move.

Posted by budgietheii

I'm also terrified they're going to spend six months tearing all the interesting gamepad stuff out. Would still be a good platformer, but not the really exciting game previewed in the demo.

Posted by GunsAreDrawn

U mad, Nintendo?

Posted by Alekss

@OllyOxenFree said:

I blame the French.

Blame Canada

Posted by MysteriousBob

I loved Rayman Origins. I have no interest in buying a WiiU. This is excellent news.

Posted by Snail

Iwata was probably displeased by both losing an exclusive and having one less game be part of the Wii U's "launch window".

Posted by Oombalan

Did anyone seriously buy their Wii U specifically for Rayman Legends or Ninja Gaiden?

If not the only other valid thing to be disappointed about is announcing a seven month delay three weeks from release (which is a pretty shitty thing to do).

Posted by Gerhabio

Nintendo has no loyal friends

Posted by Chontamenti

@MysteriousBob said:

I loved Rayman Origins. I have no interest in buying a WiiU. This is excellent news.

I have to approve!

I have just one question: Why waiting so long to announce this message? Did they really hope: "xxxxx People just buy the WiiU because of this!!" ..But yeah, NOW I'll get this, without a WiiU :)

Posted by spankingaddict

We need more platformers !

Posted by vegetashonor

AWESOME!!! After playing the demo I was hooked! But I was NOT going to get a Wii U for it. No, no...Not yet.

Posted by Shaunage

@Oombalan: I sure did and I am livid.