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Posted by jaks

Lock your daughters up, y'all!

Posted by eatalargefrog

this looks bad

Posted by Hawkerace

What are you doing?

What's it look like, I'm barely animated!

Posted by The_Nubster

Yeesh. Merle and Daryl are shadows of what they actually look like. I don't even like the TV show, but even it deserves a better adaption than this.

Posted by GunnerJensen
Posted by weegieanawrench

I think it's cool that the story revolves around Daryl (and Merle, I guess...), but this does look like ass. Pass.

Posted by DougCL

ive heard some promising things about what you actually do in the game, but man. this just dont look ready for the big leagues, do it?

Posted by cannedstingray

Mr. Kotick,

If you must use beloved series' to make a buck. It would be in the best interest of everybody if the dev team who is putting the game together is given the proper amount of time and creative freedom to make the game great.. If the game falls short and is a disappointment to the consumers, you will be burning what little good will you have with them.

However, you are a smart man and have no doubt considered this, so I have all the faith in the world that this game will be fantastic. RIGHT??

Posted by The_Last_Starfighter

Still looks soooooo bad....

Posted by The_Last_Starfighter

Hope it's longer than five minutes this time.

Posted by Kevin_Cogneto

Remember when they were running ads during the TV show about a contest AMC was holding, with the winner getting their likeness into this game? If I won that contest I'd turn the prize down.

Posted by Bloodgraiv3

I love that mouse cursor at 0:33 ahahah

Posted by stryker1121

Hell I don't think this looks that bad. They didn't even show any gameplay, and Merle and Darryl are recognizable as Merle and Darryl. Maybe the gameplay is actually good?

Posted by chilipeppersman

@WilltheMagicAsian: yeah this looks pretty rushed....

Posted by Steadying

@VooDooPC said:

@SteadyingMeat said:

Yay, I can't wait to play through a story about a major character from the show. Seriously, why did they do this? They must have almost zero flexibility with what they can do with the storyline. Terrible graphics, too.

Ah well, maybe the gameplay will be awesome? Maybe?

Also, what the hell, no PC?

A blessing really.

I can't tell if you don't like PC gaming or you're taking a jab at how bad the game looks.

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@Bloodgraiv3 said:

I love that mouse cursor at 0:33 ahahah

Upper left, when the zombies try to break in the house.

Nice find. Game's shit though.


Posted by Hangnail

Still looking horrendously dated.

Posted by antivanti

This is... just.. no.

Posted by Eaxis

This is gonna be so bad. I'm sure the developers had to crank this out as fast and as cheap as possible sadly. This trailer just concealed more of the shit.

Posted by triviaman09

This looks like a 360 game from like 2006.

Posted by TzarStefan

Sick of this gen...

Posted by Breadfan

This looks terrible.

Posted by dr_mantas

Why. WHY?

I know why... money-grab...

Edited by RecSpec

Does it still look like shit? It does!! 
Also, that boxart is clever as FUCK. Going after that Bioshock Infinite market.

Posted by Draxyle

It looks pretty much like the old trailer except with no combat and post-production effects slapped on top.

Posted by Porkellain

I so fucking hope that this games sells shit, and then the next CoD too. I still want to believe that some day Shictivision will learn the lesson.

Posted by Warchief
Posted by GenghisJohn

I agree this game looks like ass, however think about the team that is likely making it. Imagine being rushed to make an FPS out of a franchise that doesn't have all that much to do with shooting, oh and the previous work won GOTY from like every publication.

That must have sucked.

Posted by porr


Posted by fiberpay

This looks good. Looking forward to a quicklook.

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Posted by Adrian79

Giantbombs GOTY 2013, I'm calling it right now. You'll see, come December you'll all be like "damn, that dude was right".

Posted by Mandrewgora

No... thanks though.

Posted by MeatSim

Looks better then that fan trailer, or whatever it was, but that's not saying much.

Posted by jsnyder82

They polished up the textures slightly, but yeah, still looks vaguely last-gen, not to mention the stilted animation.

Posted by DSale

The AI in this game just looks... busted.

Posted by GaspoweR

Still looks aaaaaaasssszzzzzzsssssszzzzz

Posted by Ronald

It went from looking like an early PS2 version of Left 4 Dead to a later PS2 game. We've almost reached the levels of God of War 2 here.

Posted by AuthenticM

I still don't want to play this.

Posted by G0rd0nFr33m4n

A free half life 2 mod?...... right?

Posted by Zacagawea

Haha omg, what a piece of shit

Posted by MrLahey96

I really like the show, the other game, and I want to like this...but man, holy awful!

Posted by Maajin

Oh, come on... Doesn't look THAT bad anymore, they even have nice lipsync. Doesn't mean the game is going to be any good, but there's a least appearance of effort!

Edited by OneKillWonder_

Yup, still looks like total shit. Reminds me a LOT of Road to Fiddler's Green. Granted, I actually kind of liked that game back then, but no way in hell do I want to play something like that today. Also, Norman Reedus' character model looks incredibly awkward. 



I love that mouse cursor at 0:33 ahahah

Haha, yeah I find that way funnier than I probably should.
Posted by LikeaSsur

I need to see a gameplay trailer, but as of now.....it doesn't look very Walking Dead-esque.

Posted by Sonne

This will be on Top 10 NPD for the month it comes out. Low on the list, but it will still make it. I count on it. Remember that Operation Raccoon City looked terrible as well before it came out, and that still sold on license alone, just like this will.

Posted by vegetashonor
@probablytuna an old man ass...not some supermodel ass.
Posted by Sackmanjones

At least everything doesn't look like plastic now right? 

Edited by Bourbon_Warrior

I'll play it, the brothers are my favourite part of the series. I think this is a prequel before they meet up with the others. Looks like a different game compared to that leaked fanmade trailer.

Posted by Stonyman65

Well, that certainly looked better than the last video we saw...

But still.... Fuck, man.... It's 2013 already...... You'd think they could do better than this, right?