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Edited by Fawkes

Ok iOS Quicklooks, I'm back on board.

I'm kind of sad they didn't keep going, both because it was fun to watch and because I don't have an iOS device to play it on myself.

Posted by TheManWithNoPlan

Damnit. I wish I was able to play this.

Posted by gunslingerNZ

Loving the new sticky video feature, new site is the best!

Posted by NekuSakuraba

Oh hi, Mark.

Oh, the wrong Room? Damn.

Posted by t3nDo

Bought it, played it, loved it
Thanks for the Quick Look

Edited by darkmagus517

Games awesome, sadly the pocket demo doesn't work with an Iphone 4. The texture work on the puzzles are astounding!

Edited by chrispti

Vinny is such a cool dude. He would be a good teacher.

Posted by JillSammich

totally bought this based solely on this QL. Not a single regret. The game is fantastic.

Posted by Kyubey