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Posted by pkmango7

Lego Island is one of the few games that is as insane as I remember it as a kid.

Posted by Dynamitekyle

Easily in my top 3 UPFs.

Posted by gbrading

Lego Island is well known as one of the greatest games of all time. I remember playing the original when I was a kid and thought it was perfectly natural for Lego characters to talk. I also played Lego Rock Raiders.

Posted by Apparatus_Unearth

Why do I have a desire to go play Daikatana?

Posted by Castiel


Posted by therealnelsk

Going through old vids and man, Daikatana is like barely above doom.

Posted by Axel_IX

I still know how to beat LEGO Island off the top of my head I played that game so much.

Posted by JimiPeppr

Drew earns several internet this episode.

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Man, Lego Island is WEIRD. Lego Island 2 isn't very good but at least it's actually a game.

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DLC to dig faster?

They actually make a joke about that in DLC Quest. I never thought it could be real.

Posted by Pyronite

Similar to Dave, I used to talk to John Romero every once in a while on AOL Instant Messenger around the Daikatana era. He gets a bum rap.

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damn, Dikatana on the N64 reminds me of how bad some of those N64 games look

Posted by GonzoSnot

Lego Island may just be the best game ever created.

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Big Trouble in Bad City.

Posted by aquamarin

God this episode is so funny, just constant laughs throughout the whole thing. This feature is quickly becoming the best live stuff on the site.

Posted by bhlaab

Daikatana had RPG elements in a FPS and AI partners. These are now more or less standard in modern FPSes. Granted they tried to do it on the Quake 2 engine with a team of inexperienced amateur modders, but damn it!

Posted by Butano

Oh LEGO Island. So much time spent playing that game. I believe the only thing that I considered "beating it" was playing as the kid, Pepper Roni, and delivering pizzas. Your last customer is the Brickster, who uses the pizza to melt the lock off and starts destroying the island, and you get to ride a helicopter and throw pizzas out to slow him down so that the police can nab him. His defense is throwing donuts to slow the cops down.

Good times were had with this game. Thanks for the nostalgia trip, @drewbert!

Posted by QuietAlien

You can definitely fly indefinitely in Just Cause 2.

Posted by Whidmark

Anyone know what coat Jeff is wearing? Man that thing is awesome..

Posted by Undeadpool
Posted by NekuSakuraba

Oh god, that lego city part. Haha xD.

Posted by thehowlingman

+1 for lego island nostalgia

Posted by JesterPC238

Good Christ I fucking love Lego Island. I would play that shit again today.

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Huh, thought I replied to this video already. Guess the site revamp made it disappear...anyway, that Lego Island sure is something! I think I used play some lego game in the past, but it was most likely Lego Island 2, if something. Because I'm sure I would remember the traumas this one would've caused with it's mindfuckery...

Also, I can only hear the song go "Brick by brick, suck my dick..." anymore, even if I try not to.

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lego island 2 is the VASTLY superior game.


Posted by Supergooder

Drews nostalgia trip made my happy

Posted by ElvishPresley

There's one simple reason why Unprofessional Fridays are a cut above the rest of GB's live programming: VINNY. Mic'd. On camera.

Posted by hxcaleb

I hate to say it but I like the format of these unprofessional Friday videos more than Thursday night throwdown. Probably because it's a lot looser and doesn't have to be multiplayer. Keep it up guys! I hope this doesn't go away.

Posted by CastroCasper

I too, played a lot of Lego Island. Now I want to play some more with some beer, feels like it could be a completely different experience.

Posted by cloudymusic

I could watch you guys play Just Cause 2 all day. Hopefully it's not the last time we see it.

Posted by MattGrant

Tom Nook is a hardcore motherfucker.

Posted by habibyjohnson

Aww I wanted a longer look of Luigis Mansion

Posted by TekZero

Unprofessional Fridays are the best thing ever.

Worth the price of admission.

Posted by Elwoodan

I distinctly remember loving that Lego game, I thought it was some of the funniest shit....

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

It was great to see Brad playing iOS games go so well.

Posted by sawtooth

So... watching this made me realize I played Lego Island at some point.

Had you asked me if I'd ever heard of this game 10 minutes earlier I'd have said no.

Posted by mp5

This continues to be an excellent feature. Looking forward to Fridays again.

Posted by Kaboodles

I don't remember Lego Island being quite as crazy as a child. Lego Racer and Lego Chess were also pretty fun.

Posted by pwnmachine

lol Vinny is so tanked....I love unprofessional fridays.

Posted by TheManWithNoPlan

I'm really diggin this new feature. Keep it up GB.

Posted by Sveppi

Lego Island is a Russian nesting doll of what the fuckery

Posted by I_smell

Guys Mane n Tail is for horses OR PEOPLE, you're allowed to use it on yourself it's not weird, there's nothin weird about it!

Posted by Vod_Crack

@HedinnWeis said:

Lego Island 2 > Lego Island.

No way. Lego Island 2 is a better "game" but it had none of the charm.

Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

I played Lego Island a lot.

I remember like 1% of this shit.

Posted by Wyld

This makes me happy...Lego Island was one of my first and favorite computer games growing up

Posted by AsKo25

I did a Let's Play of most of LEGO Island. It's a ton of silly fun, I love how over-animated all the characters are. All of the music is fucking great too. It doesn't really hold up these days as a video game, but it's never going to not be funny.

Posted by extragingerbrew

Recently the British music magazine NME was soliciting it's readers to nominate their opinions for the best 3 consecutive songs streak on a album. One of their editors suggested that The Rolling Stones’ 1969 classic ‘Let It Bleed’ 3 song run of: ‘You’ve Got The Silver’, ‘Monkey Man', and ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ should take the prize. Well folks I'm here to nominate the prize for the best comedy 3 zingers in under a minute prize to a Mr. Ryan Davis. Starting in the Lego Island section roughly around the 50:09 mark. The holy trinity is as follows: 1.) "Just go fuck yourself." (50:10), 2.) "I'll be in the 9th dimension, tripping my balls off!" (50:19), and 3.) "You punk ass bitch." (50:39). Staggering verbal riffing man. I thought I was going to pass out from laughing so hard! Comedy gold.

Posted by bkbroiler

@Krystal_Sackful said:

Oh my god, WHY are you playing Daikatana on the N64, that's like playing Starcraft on the N64

No... no. That's not the same at all!

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I remember being a kid and thinking that Lego Island was the greatest game ever made. And you know what I still think it is the greatest game ever made but for completely different reasons.

Posted by courage_wolf

Lego Island and Lords of the Realm 2 were my PC games of the 90s. Drew should look at Lords of the Realm some time, that game was amazing back in the day.