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Posted by JamesAwesome


Posted by JackSukeru

Yep, this definetly is much quicker.

Posted by Pudge

So thrilled that this is up already! Also that Lego Island is in there, I used to play that game ALL THE TIME as a kid! Thanks to whoever hit the magical video upload machine with a wrench!

Posted by Kevino13

The LEGO Island segment was the greatest thing from this series so far. Plus, it made me remember all the time I spent playing LEGO Island.

Posted by jkz

I'm so glad that Lego Island was there for me as a child, so I could grow up to be who I am today. Seeing it again explained so much

Posted by Velamo05

HOLY BALLS! The fact that this is up within the same day is blowing my mind! Props to you guys!

Posted by MarcusTorrent

Excited to catch the first half of the video. Almost forgot about it.

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LEGO ISLAND!!!! Nostalgia like never before!

Posted by chrismafuchris

I liked the Luigi's Mansion part

Posted by Phatmac

Lego Island part was easily the best part.

Posted by theoracleofgame

Glad the rapist lego man made it to the thumbnail. That Lego Island segment was the best Unprofessional Fridays moment so far!

Posted by BeachThunder

Yay, I'm glad to see this uploaded...I ended up missing everything past Daikatana...

Posted by thebunnyhunter

Thanks for uploading this one much quicker than last weeks, that took Forever...and no i wont add skill-points to patience...they all go to Luck

Posted by sungahymn

The original crew! How nostalgic.

Posted by selfconfessedcynic

Sweet! Was worried I'd have to wait till Monday.

Posted by Wampa1

Is there a good book on the founding and complete implosion of Ion Storm? Most articles are from the time and don't give a good current perspective on it.

Posted by san_salvador

I love these!

Posted by MistaSparkle

That lego stuff was some of the funniest stuff I've ever seen on the site. So glad I'm a subscriber!

Posted by Dezinus

Just as I was lamenting not having anything to watch throughout the weekend. Thanks Robot Cloud Encoder and/or Vinny!

Posted by Draxyle

Lego Island is about ten times trippier than I remember it being. Jeez.

Fantastic show. A great representation of the oddest sorts of games out there.

Posted by Mushroomer

Lego Island was a thing of pure brilliance. There's something about kids' entertainment that can cause it to transcend into pure abstract art when taken out of context.

Also, Just Cause 2. 10/10. Best Friday ever.

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GODDAMN, Unprofessional Fridays is the best


Posted by McGhee

I love that Jeff is hosting these.

Posted by face15

Very unprofessional.

Posted by LobsterVendetta

Good lord, Ryan was just non-stop on the Lego Island segment. I haven't laughed this much in quite some time.

Plus the nostalgia trip was quite enjoyable, even though I'm more of a Lego Racers kind of guy.

Posted by bushlemon

Lego Island is probably the cause for my love of open world games

Posted by Ben_H

I really need to know the song that was Ryan's town theme for Animal Crossing. That is driving me nuts. I recognize that from somewhere.

Posted by Rohay

man that Lego island

Edited by Seroth

@Ben_H: It was DJ K.K., one of K.K. Slider's songs in the game

Posted by dezvous

Unprofessional Fridays reigns supreme! Please keep this going guys, these are awesome.

Posted by DaMisterChief

That LEGO game was just fucking insane

Posted by cooljammer00

What was that fake Minecraft game?

Posted by HiCZoK

Jeez... to think Unreal came earlier than this (daikatana) by a year or two ?

It still looks awesome and this ? :lol:


I think this new show is one of the best recent additions to giant bomb.

Posted by VisariLoyalist

oh my nostalgia! I played the hell out of lego island as a kid!

Posted by Rolento

C418's dig on the Blockheads segment was fantastic.

Posted by C418

@Rolento: Teehee

Posted by LegendaryChopChop
Posted by Ketchupp

Thanks for getting this up before the weekend.

Posted by BadNews

Ryan was in rare form. He was pretty fucking on it today.

Posted by Jedted

Honestly Lego Island isn't THAT much crazier than the Traveler's Tales Lego games. I remember playing the shit outta that game, i let the Brickster loose and threw him back in jail. That's one of my most cherished video game memories of all time.

Posted by Max_Cherry

"King Of New York" from 1990 featured Wesely Snipes and Christopher Walken blowing David Caruso's head off with a sawed off shotgun. Also, Ryan's not very good with movie dates especially when compared with me.

Posted by rentfn

Just Cause 2 is so friggin fun. I need to look into the mod scene. Never played it with mods. Just the base game and sunk fifty hours into it.

Posted by Mexican_Brownie

THIS is the famous LEGO Island? It looks terrible!

Luigi's Mansion is so cool. Can't wait for Dark Moon! :D

Posted by mellotronrules

missed this live. god damn i wanted vinny to get that helicopter back.

Posted by AkihikoSenpai

Best UF for a LOOONG time!

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Holy textures Batman!!

Anytime from now when I complain about textures in modern games, I'll remember where we've come from.

Posted by LaserLambert

HOW IS UNPROFESSIONAL FRIDAYS THIS CONSISTENTLY HILARIOUS!!! You guys are freaking me out with how much you are making me laugh.

Posted by coaxmetal

My place just moved to a new office just off 2nd... I walk past the CBSi building twice a day. Some day I am going to see one of the GB dudes and... not say anything. I've walked past patrick twice in the mission (I live there) and said nothing.

I moved to SF in november so its still weird that this is where the internet lives.

Posted by lightsoda

This stream gave me ads like every five minutes, I'm glad the archive's up....