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http://www.gamefly.com/Download-DARK/5005783/ Use code GFD20OFF

Done by Realmforge Studios, who made Ceville, which got a decent reception, and Dungeons, which got less than so. I like the cell shaded look of the game more than I thought I would and based on the small amount of gameplay footage out there, it looks like it could do some cool things.

Anyone else have an interest in Dark?

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The influences it has taken intrigue me. I feel it will be on of those "if you can look past the flaws" sort of games.

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never heard of it until now. I'm gonna look into it though.

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Just like you, I'm still in the dark.

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It looks neat, but I'd hold off for now, especially given the developer's poor record. It's published by Kalypso and they frequently have big sales. I think I'll wait to see if it's any good and then wait for a sale if it is.

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Looks interesting, I wouldn't have thought of that visual touch as cell shading. it just looks like normal representative graphics with dark outlines, it's an odd choice, just makes it look more game-ish to me. I don't know whether that would work with the tone of the game or not, but considering the source material, it doesn't seem like that good a fit.

Will check out some gameplay though, thanks.