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I'm level 113, I think, and I'm trying earn some humanity. I find JOLLY COOPERATION the most fun way to do this, but can't find anyone to partner up with anymore! Am I too high level? Am I doomed to invading? I'm playing on Xbox.

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You might be able to find people at 4 Kings or Lord Gwyn but most players know what they are doing by this point. If you have the DLC then farming humanity should't be a problem.

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I have it but haven't ventured in yet. I'll give that a shot- thanks!

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Co-Op pretty much dries up between 80-120. At around 120 you might get some Co-Op in Anor Londo and Oolacie. You best bet for getting Humanity that high a level that doesn't involve farming monsters (rats, baby skeletons, Humanity phantoms) is PvP.