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So how much can one person PVE in this game before boredom sets in? Well I guess a lot if that's what you're trying to get out of this game but frankly after a while it gets boring.

So I bought this game last yeah and played through it. Didn't really bothered with the pvp because frankly I wasn't too interested in it so I wasn't aware of just how shitty the state of pvp in the pc version.

Long story short...lost my save, restarted a new character, eventually joined the Forest Hunter because the SP was starting to bore me.

Out of 33 matches, yes I counted, 29 were using a trainer. Seriously?! Had a match where the main guy was using infinite health and his buddy was using the insta kill one. How quaint. A due. The one that finally broke me, the guy actually waited until he was almost dead to turn his on, and of course, insta kill. So I decided to "congratulate" him on his awesome win, bad idea I know. I get a message back "HA HA. U sux."

Great. Dark Souls trolls.

I summation. Done with shitty pvp is this game. Gonna go back to pvp on Demon's Souls.


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I have heard this story across all platforms but more so on PC. I had a troll on the PS3 version but none when i was playing Demon souls.

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PvP is implemented in a cool way in Dark Souls, but it plays shitty as hell even without cheats. "I'm gonna backstab you!" "Not if I backstab you first!" and then you dance around in a circle until someone gets lucky.

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Heh, well, ignoring the trainers the PvP is pretty shitty anyway. Teleport backstabs constantly, really bad lag issues and other crazy stuff like that. It's well known in the Dark Souls community that PvP is really shitty across the board.

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I never have and never will get the appeal of PvP or people's weird dedication to it in the Souls games. The highlight for me are the crazy bosses.

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That's PC gaming for ya, cheats, gliches and trainers galore.

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@mordukai: Amen. I loved Demons. Thought Dark Souls was good but didn't have the same charm that the original did with the nexus or even the beautifully haunting 3-1. Yet all you ever hear is "praise the sun! Praise the sun!"

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A lot of us just straight up never heard of Demons Souls until Dark Souls came out. Even if I had, I didn't have a PS3 anyway. Then they shut down the servers anyway didn't they? So it's forever lost to the rest of us.

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Guess I'm the only person here who thought the PvP in Dark Souls was a lot of fun. Maybe it's changed since I played, but when I was playing through on the PC I ran into one person cheating the entire time playing.

Fishing for backstabs is also something that is pretty easy to punish if I remember right.

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@mideon: I may be wrong, but I thought they opted out of shutting the servers down at the last second.

Not that it really matters, you can still play the game offline.

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Yeah, maybe they did. Obviously offline would still work, but not even counting PvP I found the online aspect to be one of the most entertaining parts of these games.

@mideon: I may be wrong, but I thought they opted out of shutting the servers down at the last second.

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It's mostly to do with the huge variations in builds augmented by the reflex/timing based combat. Plus it's on a way more personal level then any other MP mode out there. To me most MP matches just feel disjointed. The pvp in the souls game has a more personal feel to it from a player's perspective since you spent so much time and care into creating your character that in some way you get attached to it. It's almost a reflection, or a projection, of the player's psyche. That's how I explain it at least.

As far as bosses, then we are at a disagreement. I was extremely underwhelmed by the bosses. A lot of them felt like a rehash version of older ones from the previous game, while others just felt cheap. Not from game play perspective, hey it's dark souls, enemies are gonna his and hit hard. I think Sif, Ornstein, and Smough felt like real new additions, while the other were either rehash or just plain out cheap.

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I think people overpraise Demon's Souls when they compare it to Dark Souls. They don't try to compare them fairly. Both games have problems and advantages.

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Kudos for trying, but don't forget the main solace you can take is that the people behind those trainers are kinda pathetic individuals, and it's really rather sad that they go to such lengths. My advice would be if not forget the forest then at least learn the various areas that the gankers hate most (any ledge basically). Invade them in Sens and Crystal Caverns and any other areas that have plenty of nasty drops that are a gankers nightmare (anor Londo snipers etc.)

The dark souls community is strong enough that they stage regular fight clubs and legit PvP events if you check the main forums connected to the two main wikis.

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@mideon: Do you have an account called Viscera as well ?

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@mideon: Do you have an account called Viscera as well ?

I'll honor your keen eye by making that next.

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Yeah, even without trainers PvP in Dark Souls is the opposite of fun. Oh joy, I love it when people lag teleport behind me and instakill backstab with their lightning weapons despite the part where I'm like SL 10.

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I've never bothered with PvP. At least for my first time through I want the vanilla experience so I just stayed hollow. I come to Souls to take my time through the levels, marvel at the art direction, and try to piece together a narrative as best I can. Though I think I heard that I won't be safe even in hollow form for the next game, so I guess I'll just have to suck it up.

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It's the lag that really bothers me. Getting backstabbed when the person is clearly in front of me is not fair.

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Yeeeeeup, never cared for the PVP, though it was at least an intriguing novelty in Demon's Souls. By the release of Dark Souls, though, the novelty had worn off and it was just frustrating, but unlike the rest of the game, it rarely felt fair due to extreme lag. I also reside in the minority that prefers Demon's to Dark.

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@mordukai: for me it was mostly Sif, Spider Lady and Gaping Dragon that felt novel. The others were either sponges or just not that interesting. Smough and Ornstein are interesting but the game isn't really made to battle multiple opponents at once, much less bosses, which made the whole experience more cumbersome than not.

The one thing I really did like in Dark Souls were the black knights. In the early goings they were really imposing adversaries that also dropped unique weapons. Although as a halberd user I was quite salty about never landing a black knight halberd drop.

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@mordukai said:

will guzzle cum all over this game

See, the first step in effective post-PVP is getting your insult phrasing right. No wonder you're not enjoying it, you can't construct an effective sentence. Winning the war on words is part of the metagame.

If I wrote you after a lagstab gank and said "ha u vomited my sword" that implies "my sword" went in your guts and out your mouth. What you've written above makes no physical sense because "guzzle" and "all over" depict opposite actions. Making someone confused will just get you a headshake and ignored, meaning less PVP, meaning (in your case) more boredom and back to CoD.

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@yummylee said:

Yeeeeeup, never cared for the PVP, though it was at least an intriguing novelty in Demon's Souls. By the release of Dark Souls, though, the novelty had worn off and it was just frustrating, but unlike the rest of the game, it rarely felt fair due to extreme lag. I also reside in the minority that prefers Demon's to Dark.

I'm with yeah in that minority. However, my stance comes from the fact that PvP was much stronger. SP was good but after you've played over, hell I can't even remember which NG+ I'm on with my main, it does get tiring. That's why I started PvPing in Demon's Souls just as curiosity and I got hooked. I was also surprised to see just how many great people I met on Demon's Souls, and mind you, I'm not really into PvPing anything. Nope that a lie, I did really enjoyed BC2 online mode. But that is also tied more to the company I was in.

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You guys are making me want to go back and play Demon's now. How I miss smashing fools with my cursed DBS.

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One of my favorite moments in Dark Souls was when I was going through Blight Town on New Game + and some dude that had obviously pumped up his fire glove had invaded me. We spent ten whole minutes playing hide and seek until I decided to jump on the platform with the Iato. He decided to throw poison knives or dung pies at me from above in order to kill me by poison at this point. He threw so many that he wasn't aware that it was inching a bit forward every time he threw. He ended up falling and killing himself.

And when I reached the swamp section of Blight Town another dude invaded me. His tactic was to run to the boulder guys in front of the the spider den and wait for me there, so that I would have to fight a battle on multiple fronts. I ran back to the bonfire and summoned someone for help. The helper wasn't aware of the invader and ran straight to where the boulder dudes were. So while the invader and AI enemies were busy attacking my buddy, I put on the cloak ring and ran up to the invader and backstabbed him, killing him in one blow. Fun times getting invaded.

That said, I don't really care for straight up PvP duels in the Souls games. It feels too laggy. Like you would dodge a move but the network would determine that you got hit anyways. The Old Monk fight in Demons Souls was pretty badass though.

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That's exactly why I'm never doing pvp in this game, especially not in Dark Souls 2. Too many shitty people. The singleplayer is fun enough, and I much prefer it anyway.

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Man, this is exactly why I'm wary about the increased presence of PVP in dark souls 2.

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Yep. Of all the PvP encounters I've had in this game, ranging from SLV 6-94, only ONE of them fought me fairly. I lost count of the number of times someone was using infinite HP (I fought a guy for five or so minutes, clearly outclassing him with backstabs and parries and eventually just threw myself off a cliff to deny him the honor of laying a blade on me) or gotten hit with an instant curse punch that couldn't be blocked or resisted. They then have the nerve to do some fancy gesture like they really won some hard fought victory afterward.

I think PvP for DS2 is gonna be pretty fucked on PC from the get-go if the PvP I'm seeing in this one is any indication. And since it seems you can essentially be invaded ANYTIME in DS2, you're never really gonna be safe. May just stick to consoles for this one.

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Ya, I really hope they fix the PvP in the next one. I don't PvP a lot because it's so broken in this one. The latency alone isn't accounted for properly so it's almost always impossible to do a back stab or a parry if you don't know the latency timing.

It's really dumb. The hacking problem is also a major issue, on PC.