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I'm having a gigantic problem on dark souls 2 with the summoning. Ever since that maintenance last monday I have not seen a single summon sign. I am on my new game plus and I'm stuck on the lost sinner. I would love to know if anyone else having these problems Thank you.

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Hmm, are you alive, online, un-banned :) and on the latest version?

I imagine you tried with Lucatiel only, it is quite doable now.

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@haniball: I'm unbanned and the latest version I have is 1.04 so It maybe that but before the maintenance I got so many summon signs so maybe I need to delete my title update and yes I used lucatiel half way through and then all by myself.The most perculier thing I can see dragon remnents, invasion signs,bloodstains and messages and that's it.by the way I'm on the Xbox 360 if that's any help.

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@btknight101: interesting. 1.06 just came out, right? I think xbox is still waiting for it though. btw this one is a BIG step forward, the gankers will hate it!! Also, just to make completely sure, you arent doing a champions cov run, are you? :)

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@haniball: I'm not doing a champion cov run and hopefully this new version that's coming out fixes the sumoning because I'm on the the old iron king with no help so hopefully it comes today. By the way thanks for the help and do you know if from software have a support line so I can tell them about it right now.

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good luck its probably the patch. they do say something about sorry xbox patch is coming soon. If you are having trouble, he is quite cheesable. Stay behind the corner and run out whenever you see him put the palm down for the laser. I actually find him really easy but I tend to get sloppy and I have swum in lava too many times so I can confirm it works :) You might need a few tries to learn to distinguish the attacks. And of course a ranged attack comes in real handy. Ranged gives you free damage at the beginning when he walks up to you too.

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@haniball: thanks for the tip for the boss.apparently the patch came out and I haven't recieved any update at all and now I see don't any messages or bloodstains what the hell is going on I'm about lose it with this game.dark souls 1 had no problem but this is just stupid and I have tried everything to play with others now its just irratating me.

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Have you got the name-engraved ring on?