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I couldn't edit the post for some reason, but just to be clear - I didn't make this, just wanted to share the epicness

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Yo, gotta put up some written commentary with the video otherwise it'll count as video spam.

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I saw the video yesterday. ITS AMAZING. Less than 2 weeks for Dark Souls 2.

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Freakishly similar to the Blood Dragon thing by Mike Diva, even down to the Wilhelm Scream, which isn't even funny any more.

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That was pretty freakin' awesome!

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This may be technically YouTube spam, but who cares, it's freaking awesome. Two more weeks!

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Wow, that is, amazing!

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This kinda makes me want to play Dark Souls II, even though I know the game will be nothing like this!

That music!

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I can't handle all of this hype. This video is fantastic.

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This is still the best animated Dark Souls mash up I've seen. That Solaire. I would love to see Dark Souls II get the same treatment, maybe a Dark Souls II/Berserk intro mash up?

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This should be flagged as youtube spam but I can't because HOLY SHIT