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Here's a new preview from PlayStation Access.

Shows off some of the classes and weapons again and also the full Mirror Knight battle. It all looks more polished than the last time video of this was released, so I'm beginning to get more hopeful.

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I don't want to look at this but I CAN'T LOOK AWAY.

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I've avoided seeing anything from Dark Souls II, but I decided to take a peek at a couple seconds of the video.

Yup. Looks like Dark Souls, super excited.

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It's gorgeous! I am so pumped for this.

The Mirror Knight puts down that shield for a considerable length of time. I wonder if he's invincible during that period or I'd imagine he's pretty easy to kill.

EDIT: The video answered my question immediately after I wrote that.

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This is from months ago.

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Very exciting!!

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@jz said:

This is from months ago.

It's not. The Mirror Knight so far had only been seen from off-screen footage captured at public events, not been shown off in any official video or direct-feed footage like in this preview. Also, while some of the areas are the same as those shown off previously, if you look at the lighting and stair walking animations this is obviously a newer, more polished build of the game than was previously shown in official footage.

Also the video was posted today.

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I am impressed with how good the game looks. Much more polished than the first game.

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Man, the graphical quality seems leaps ahead of what was shown earlier, especially the lighting in the Mirror Knight fight. Cannot wait to see how this looks on PC!

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Man, I just can't look away.... It looks so great.

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My takeaways:

1. very fluid animations/higher frame rate

2. awesome new backstab animations

3. Re-emphasis on weapon styles a la Demon's

4. Cape physics

5. Still Dark Souls

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Fuck, why do I keep spoiling the game for myself by watching these videos?!

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It is weird how smooth some of the movement looks. It's gonna take some time to get used to for sure.

I just love how the sorcerer looks. That cape, that hood.. that gnarly-ass spellcasting twig. It all looks frikn' badass. I've settled on my starting "class" for sure.

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Wow! Everything looks amazing (dat lighting). March can't come soon enough for sure :o I just wish that someone who actually knows how to play video games showed this one off. It's like the 3rd or maybe 4th video of DS2 I've seen, and every single one of them was just awful, play style wise. Rolling into attacks, not hitting anything or healing in super dumb moments. Also, people are still saying that Dark Souls is a SUPER HARD GAME? Ugh. (It's not, especially in NG and I bet that 99% of people that are saying that DS is mental, haven't actually touched NG+). Whatever though, amazing video and I'm suuuper excited :D!

btw. what's up with Classes? They're just like in the first game, right (by that I mean that you don't really have to care about them because you can spec however you want)?

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@timing: well 90% of it is from the network test months ago.

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I can't believe how good it looks compared to previous footage I've seen.

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Kind of worried now actually. Reeeally didn't like the spazzy shadows in the video. Perhaps it's better when you're actually playing...

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Woooow, this looks really good. I have to start playing Dark Souls as soon as possible.