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I have been using the silver night boss as a normal way to get summoned and help out, but what seems to keep happening is that they let me wear down the boss and then wait until my back is facing the ballista and fire it, killing me in one. Do they get some benefit from removing me and finishing the fight alone? It's really annoying. They've even done it a couple of times after I landed the final hit and then I get sent back having been killed and receive no reward.

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You mean The Pursuer? Yeah, people are total twats with that boss. Everybody always seems to want to use the ballista, either to fuck with the other players or because it can kill Pursuer in I think one hit. Though even when they're just generally trying to beat Pursuer, they often summon people specifically to act as bait and you're usually killed amid the ballista fire from my experience as a summon for that boss.

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No they don't get anything from killing you, it could just be accidental from trying to kill him. The balista is the fastest way to kill him if all shots land it will 1-2 shot him. The balista shots have travel time and windup time, it can be easy to miss and just kill you by accident. If you want to keep helping on that boss specifically, do so with a shield (don't put your back to the balista), know what the firing lines of the balistas are and just try to stay out of them. On my newbie character i've been killed by the bolts and shot other people accidentally myself, or they moved into the firing line after the shot was initiated. I doubt most people are doing it on purpose especially on NG as a lot of people are fresh into it and it's the easiest fastest way to kill an otherwise pretty nasty boss at that early stage. (some players might not even know that balista fire can damage/kill allies, i know i didn't until i got killed by it :P)

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I shot someone myself with the ballista and apologized profusely to the screen and i've been shot and yelled out 'what the hell i was trying to help you!'.

It's just one of those things that happen. :)

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@markies said:

I shot someone myself with the ballista and apologized profusely to the screen and i've been shot and yelled out 'what the hell i was trying to help you!'.

It's just one of those things that happen. :)


You need to pay attention if someone wants to use the ballista. If so, you're better off staying clear of the firing range. Because they will shoot if they think they can hit the Pursuer, whether you're in the way of not.

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People are dumb with that thing, especially since it's so early on in the game. I've had people see me hit The Pursuer with it doing 90% damage, then they run over to the other one to try it and they just nail the host. I've had people kill me with it after we defeat the boss. I've had people kill the host with it after we defeat the boss. Occasionally they will actually hit the boss.

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Definitely a wondrous trolling device.

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I accidentally killed a guy I summoned once and another time someone I summoned accidentally killed another summoned player. I think the idea is, if you're fighting the Pursuer in the very small line of fine the Ballistas have, it's too tempting not to end the fight quickly and hope you're good enough to get out of the way.

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Off topic a bit but I've heard of people getting summoned for boss battles, then getting kicked via a black separation crystal before collecting their reward. Anyone have this happen to them? Sounds like a complete dick move to me.

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I thought this was going to be about the Lifedrain Patch, but it doesn't seem like it's that well known.

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I had a funny one this morning myself where I fired the ballista and killed pursuer. Sadly the host for some reason strafed right into the line of fire as I let loose and ate the first ballista bolt in the back. I did get two with one shot though and hilariously still got the pursuer kill exp cause he died with the host.

But yeah seriously, it is a 3 on 1. I can see using it when he is full health but most people don't even try to fight him. When I killed him my summon people literally ignored him and let him wail on me and just stood there until I positioned him so they could shoot. I had got him to half health alone before they even fired. Pissy I was.

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It certainly happened to me the first time I helped with the Pursuer fight. I didn't really mind, though. I just went "Oh shit!" when a big bolt suddenly speared me. I assumed it was on accident. I didn't even know the ballistae were there, so I didn't know to stay out of the way. I suppose if it happened enough it would start to get annoying.

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You pretty much have to be aware of the angles you can get killed in. I mean if you know they are there, ready to fire, you should probably be able to clue into the fact that they want to fire the thing at some point.

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It's like undercover darkwraiths in Sens all over again

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A good strategy to avoid dying from ballista fire is to move the pursuer to a position where he can be hit by it and parry him. Some people are really bad at timing it, though.

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The Ballista is not easy to fire. The arrow doesn't travel very fast, so I don't think people using the ballista are trying to kill you. They're just shooting terribly. Also, don't have your back to a ballista.

It's worth a shot, though. Taking out 3/4ths of the Pursuer's health really helps.

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Yeah, I'm almost sure it's just players not knowing how the things work. I've taken more than my fair share of arrows to the back because of the damn things. So everyone is either just a shitty troll or they're terrible. I'm erring more toward the second.

I have run into a good number of people who snatch up summon signs at a boss door, then intentionally run in and get mutilated just to waste everyone's time. I've seen this happen a good 20-30% of the time. I know someone running into a boss' opening attacks and just standing there to know that one's intentional.

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Perhaps you are the weakest link............................... ( sorry had to say it)