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What's the limit on who you can summon in? My friend and I decided to try and buy the ring where you choose a god and its supposed to make finding people of the same god easier in summoning but we weren't able to summon each other. I am soul level 75 and he's soul level 59...is there like a 10 level summon limit or something? Lots of people online are saying soul memory has nothing to do with it, so I don't know if there is any official word out there or not.

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Not that I know of ... but then again I never tried it so I dunno :/ sorry to not be ing able to help. As far as I know the ring increases the chances to be able to co op with whom you like but is it not a 100% thing I guess.

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Its up to 10 levels higher.

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People of the same god? I thought it meant people of the same covenant. And it can't be 10 levels, since you are getting levels left and right in this game.

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@grissefar: No, how the ring specifically works if you can choose a "god". The ring makes it so you get a higher chance of being able to see the sign of those of a similar god. Essentially you and your friends would want to choose the same god, but we weren't able to see each others signs. We take our rings off and we see tons of them.

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It's based on your Soul History this time around, instead of level. I also heard that the ring summoning is glitchy, have you tried both the normal and small sign stones?

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It's based on your total soul income over the course of the game, presumably it's +/-10% for white phantoms and +/- 20% for gold phantoms.

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@fredchuckdave: I think its much higher than that. Odd that its not explained or any real info given in the guide. But it feels like the numbers are much larger. Unless its just that so many people are currently playing.

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Since I was curious about the threshold too, because I met loads of people, that either did no damage to me/bosses or died in one or two hits from me/bosses, I tried getting summoned on a very early boss (Last Giant) with my SL 80+ guy. Still got summoned after about a minute or so, and somehow I highly doubt, that the dude had grinded that much at that point in the game.

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There's no definitive answer online that I've found, but I hear people say soul level, soul memory, etc. Until I see someone provide me with a source I'll just assume it is "I have no idea". Yeah, I bought the guide to go through after I've beaten the game at least once. I went to the section labeled multiplayer and found it to be incredibly useless.

I'm curious about these different sized signstones. Does the basic white signstone do both sizes or do I buy a different one somewhere else?

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@sammo21: The regular white soapstone leaves the large summon sign. The "small white soapstone" (which you have to find) leaves the small summon signs. The reward is different for clearing the area boss (large one gives you a token of fidelity, small one gives you . . . something. I've only used it once so I don't know if it always gives the same thing)

Also, the large one summons you as a phantom, vs as a shade for the small one (if I recall correctly). I guess the small one has a time limit to, but I don't know if that's how long the sign stays on the ground, or if it is for how long you can stay summoned.

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@skyrider: OK, I'm about level 80 and just got to the Huntsmans Copse. I haven't found the stone, that I'm aware of. I've literally solved No Mans Wharf, Lost Bastille, Tower of Flame, and Giants area right now.

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@sterling: It could be +/- 20%/30% or something, but my SL 140 character had very few summonings, I realize there's not a ton of people that far in the game but there should have been some summons given how many people are playing. I also had very few bell tower invasions trigger for me (though I was able to get invaded). With my SL 20-80 character it's been nonstop PvP and summons whenever I want it (less than a minute intervals).

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@sammo21: Based on where you've been, you may not have fully explored early on.

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@skyrider: OK yeah, now I think about it I haven't been down that pit with the fire in the Giants zone.

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@skyrider: Booted the game up and realized I actually did have the small soapstone :p