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So I made it to the 3rd bonfire and it just seems to dead end. I see a gate that I can't get through and there's an item on the other side and I see the giant tree lookin thing that says "examine" but it does nothing when I examine it. I already beat the pursuer and have explored pretty much everywhere else in this zone! Is there anything left to see? I just do t see why they'd put a bonfire at the very end if the level if there wasn't anything left to explore. Help! Thanks.

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Go back to where you fought The Pursuer and examine the bird nest there.

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@yothatlimp: That is technically the shortcut to that area it may be a bit too high level, the next area is actually Heide's Tower of Flame

If you want to get there, between the talking cat and victory stone in Majula you will find a walkway going down into the mountain. Keep going down until you get to the waterway, there is actually a switch next to the door on the level above its just very hard to see.

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@yothatlimp: I did that and I've seen where that takes you.. My question is, between the 2nd and 3rd bonfire there's really nothing. You fight a couple of undead dudes and then you get to the area with the 2 turtles on the roof and the 3rd bonfire across the way, and the level kind of dead ends there. Is there nothing further in that direction? I understand that the area past the pursuer leads to a new zone, I'm talking more about the area past the 3rd bonfire.

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The tree there supposedly has a chance to drop a tree giant seed or something when you get invaded. It lets enemies aggro on invading players. Seems like the bonfire is there for you to check on that tree. Not sure if there's anything else there though.

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@slantedroom: Those doors are for the end of the game. You'll be coming back there.

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@slantedroom: The area you tell about can be reached during your travels through the level , were you go up a tree branch you can go below the branch as there is a platform and you can explore that area .... you find also something important so dont miss out duder

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Like others have said, once you leave the bonfire with the merchant, go down the ladder and then out the doorway to the left that eventually goes out to where that giant tree branch that you walk up is. Go up the tree branch some and jump to the rooftops where the archers are. Eventually you'll find a way down and you'll find the walkway leads to a small pond which you can either go right and walk around it to a ladder that takes you back up, or you can go left which leads to the item on the other side of the gate. Also explore that little area a lot, you will find someone that might give you something useful.

As for the 3rd bonfire that you're at now, I don't know if there is eventually anything over there. I was rather confused why there was a bonfire was there as well, but maybe it's used for later game stuff. Like others have said once again, just go back up to where you beat the pursurer and examine the nest on the other side. Also be on the lookout for an item around there, it might be good depending on the build you're playing, I know it was for me.

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I feel your frustration. I've spend over an hour in that place searching everything but there seems to be nothing there. Even the gate cannot be opened for a shortcut to my knowledge. You need to use the key you gained from fighting the Last Giant and use it to open a door so you can fight the next boss. The door is located just to the right after you enter the building where you encountered the very first of those heavily armored turtle dudes.

If you've already fought him, you can use the bird's nest there to go to Lost Bastille. However, while you can do Lost Bastille, it is a much harder area than Heide's Tower of Flame. I recommend doing Heide's Tower of Flame first. I thought Lost Bastille was a bit frustrating and less fun because of it. In hindsight it would have been better to do Heide first as I found it to be a total cakewalk when I did it (which was a lot later). That area also has a rather valuable ring that you can really use. Especially early in the game.

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@dark: Dude! DUDE! DUDE! Thank you so so so so much! I was there before, I missed the lever, and I ended up going from the nest in the fort to meeting McDuff, and then trying to fight the lost sinner, then trying and failing to make it to the top of the Belfry Luna. I literally was about to quit the game, I thought I was going to lose my mind and had no idea what to do. Thank you so much.

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@composite: Wow you killed the three sentries without ever going to Heide's Tower? My hat is off to you sir.

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The third bonfire is only there to check the giant tree for seeds. That and it is a nice place to get some souls and some good starting armor to be honest. You should always go to Tower second considering you literally cant get to every area in the game until a certain npc there is encountered one way or the other.