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What item is needed to cast miracles and where can i find it? Thanks much.

Also, how can you tell how many attunement slots you have? DS1 I could tell easily but DS2 I don't see the slots.

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You need a chime. You can buy one from the miracle lady.

And the slots are listed on your character page from the menu. It says Attunement and then the number.

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There is also a small shield you can get that acts as a chime and lets you cast miracles with it instead of parrying (L2).

Or there is the Mace of the Insolent which is a mace that lets you cast miracles with the strong (R2) attack.

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@seikenfreak: There are a few other weapons that let you do this as well. I forget the names. Felkin sells a few. And there is a staff later game that lets you cast spells, miracles and hexes.