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I'm just wondering, how much better (or worse) is it than the original? I got the first Dead Rising around the time it released, and while most of it was fun: extremely memorable characters, especially the bad guys; the atmosphere was superb, and it was just fun to kill zombies. The one thing however is the clock, I absolutely hated it; it made it so I couldn't really explore. It didn't matter if you could start over with the upgrades you made previously, cutting down on the time some on subsequent plays, I felt it was a bad idea.

I went back to it a couple of weeks ago since I knew the second and Case Zero were being released free, so I was interested in attempting to go through it (despite seeing the endings and not really thinking it was worth it). The atmosphere is just as great, and I'm sure the characters are just as great as well, but the gameplay I couldn't get past, some of it is pretty archaic by now actually, yet fun in melee. I stopped playing it an hour and a half in, I don't believe I'll ever beat that, unless it's remade without the timer...

I know two has the time, but I'm really hoping it is better than the original in other areas enough for me to look past it. What did you guys and girls think of two and/or case zero compared to the original?

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Dead Rising 2 gives you way more time to do the case files. Like, tons of time. I was sitting around waiting for things to happen, running around smashing windows and ATM's and looking for combo weapons and secret stuff.

I only played the demo and a little bit of the start of the first Dead Rising before I got Dead Rising 2. I beat Dead Rising 2 with no problem, completed all the case files in time and took out almost all of the optional psycho's without having to reset the save file. I then went back and played the first Dead Rising for comparison: IT'S WAY HARDER. The time limits are way shorter, and enemies hit way harder and the psycho's fight really dirty in comparison. With Dead Rising 2 the enemies are easier and weaker, no shotgun jerk blowing off half your health meter and never letting you stand up, for example.

Also, this is probably going to sound crazy and immediately invalidate my previous statement but... I hate Frank West. I totally hate him and see no reason why everyone loves him so much and thinks he's so funny. I thought he was a completely boring throw away character with no redeeming qualities. And am I also the only person who thinks his walk/run animation is broken? It looks like he crapped his pants or has a busted leg or something! Chucks a way better main character. He cracks jokes, fights for his family and is a stand up guy risking his life for strangers. Frank West has a bad walk animation and "has covered wars."

Dead Rising 2 is awesome. Play it. Also, if the Multiplayer still works give it a shot, it's a dumb little distraction where 4 players compete to kill zombies in a free for all american gladiators style game show, as scene in the main game.

...and feel free to tare me a new one about the Frank West stuff. I don't care.

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I just tried playing both for the first time and didn't enjoy either. I tried Case Zero first but the frame rate was so bad I couldn't continue. Dead Rising 2 full game was better, but I just didn't like any aspect of it. The constant loading, the voice acting, the movement, attacking zombies... Maybe it just isn't for me.

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@natetodamax: Hm, alright, thanks. My brother's playing a game right now so I'll have to try it later. Hopefully I'll enjoy it more than you did, but perhaps it'll be the same for me as well.

@therealmoot: No, I won't disagree with you on any of that, no worries. I don't hate Frank West, though he seems like a douche character, like it's hard to like him. It's nice to know the second is easier and has a more respectable main protagonist. The problem wasn't necessarily that it was too hard, only that no matter what, I simply didn't enjoy restarting the game over.

Furthermore, I can't really disagree with you too much since I hadn't beaten the game, so my adoration for the game isn't high, but again, it really was only the timed gameplay that had me disliking it. Frank West did look like he was walking around with a crap load in his pants, I thought about that the last time I played it, ha ha.

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I was gonna pick up DR2 for PC until I found out that controller support was broken as hell and Capcom didn't care enough to patch it.

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Well the survivors are significantly smarter then in the first game. You really don't have to babysit them much. Usually the worst you'll have to do is wait at the exit to an area while the survivor catches up. Though I always forget and exit the area then have to reenter to allow the survivor to catch up which can be annoying.

It still plays a lot like the first though.

It's free though. Just try it.

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@fearbeard: I am going to, that wasn't in question. I just wanted to know how it was to the rest of you.