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So yeah, it totally takes place after the ending, so spoilers I guess. I honestly don't think this is gross in the same way Asura's Wrath was because Dead Space 3 had an actual ending, but it still feels weird. I also admit that I will buy this for reasons I can't quite explain other then I'm a huge sucker. So I don't know, talk about it or whatever.

EDIT: Or right, almost forgot. It comes out March 12th.

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is there some kind of conspiracy involving people sitting in a room and trying to come up with the most generic one word subtitles for game/dlc titles?

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@casper_: I think subtitles in general are pretty bad.

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I watched a tid bit of it but it looks like it takes place in the space stations from the full game. They just put candles everywhere and made the cultist enemies the main focus. So.... seems pretty lazy. I wonder how it starts because...ya know... the ending is kind of crazy.

Edit: Oh this is a different video. I watched some gameplay from IGN.

So your COOP dood is alive too? Really? That's pretty silly if so.... unless it's a hallucination. DLC as Ellie trying to get back home would of been so much more interesting.

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That really did nothing for me but then again even at the height of my Dead Space love after DS2 I didn't get the Severed DLC either.

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I assumed this was going to tie up Lexine Murdoch's storyline, but I guess that's probably another piece of DLC they'll make. Or, was it wrapped up during DS3? I haven't played it yet.

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@wrighteous86: No she hasn't been mentioned since Severed. Unless it was in some comic book or something else that I didn't read.

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Want...to...click...and...watch...but...lore whore...haven't...played...Dead Space 3...resisting...urge...to...find...out...what...the fuck...everyone...is...on...about...

I'm not giving in, goddammit. I can't.

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So disappointing. I really wish Isaac could have just been left to die along with Carver. Also, it looks like they'll be expanding on the whole player-exclusive psychological effects, only this time it'll be Isaac who sees all of the weird shit while Carver just sees more dank hallways. That new enemy type looks creepy at least. But yeah, I was hoping this would either be a new side-story starring a new pair of protagonists (I was hoping it'd be a pair of Unitologists or something) or, as @Wrighteous86 mentioned, the next chapter in whatever the Hell is going on with Lexine.

I wouldn't be surprised if that story thread has just been dropped at this point frankly. It just sucks how so in love they are with their Isaac character, when he's easily one of the most boring characters in the series. Especially after DS3 extending his action-man persona even further.