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Does any know around what play time is for the DLC? Im only worried because I felt like the DLC for dead space 2 was not worth the money. Content and time play.

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I am wondering about the quality, play time means little to me when compared to the experience that being said I'd like to hear how good this pack is, because when I buy DeadSpace 3, I want to pick it up.

I am hopping it is as creepy and twisted as I want it to be, which is very.

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If the dlc was 5 bucks I wouldnt question it. I stand alone a little but I really enjoyed dead space 3. But 10 bucks for 1 and a half hours is not a good price.Im not sure what kind of quality can justify that. I really want to play this but ill wait for the price to drop.

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@big_jon: I've played through it solo on Hard and I liked it quite a bit despite how much I've bitched about the main game. The dlc takes the series back to its roots a little and it fixes some main issues people had in the single player campaign. I actually wish more of the main game was like the dlc in some aspects. They still monster closet quite a bit but the hallucinations break stuff a bit.

There's only one rock climbing sequence that takes ten seconds.

Carver goes off and does his own thing in single player and when he shows up it actually makes sense. I tried to see if anything was majorly different in co-op through Carver's perspective cause in the SP he goes off and does his own thing but sadly your tethered to Isaac.

Environments have more of a horror vibe.

Overall I'd say it took me about 2-3 hours on my first playthrough.

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It is indeed quite short - but in my opinion well worth the $10.

Some legitimately great moments throughout. If you into Achievements you'll want to play though it at least twice.

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It was 10 bucks not 5. Took me around 2 hours?

Pretty amazing though.

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My playtime took just over an hour while playing Co-Op. I think it was actually a really good DLC. It's not, "MUST PLAY!" or anything but if you have some microsoft points and don't know what to play. I highly suggest it.

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Took me around an hour to get through it. It's pretty good, though it re-uses a lot of the same environments from the main game. I will say, surprisingly enough, that the story and setpieces were my favorite part of it, and the ending made me way more interested in a Dead Space 4 than the ending to the original game.

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I completed the DLC in under 2 hours. I really liked the DLC however I was surprised that it ended so soon. $10 is an OK price considering that most of the DLC is $5 dollars and under. The DLC doesn't really offer many new areas to explore but puts closure to Dead Space 3 storyline rather nicely. I hope there are more DLC expansions on the way still and this is not the last. I can't get enough Dead Space.

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@maskedarcstrike: Thanks, this is what I wanted to hear, I rented and beat the game, becuase I'm broke, but I will probably get this when I buy the game now.

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No, it's not worth ten dollars, but it does work a little better as something you go into directly after you finish the main game instead of beating the game; having to wait, and then play it, like I did initially. It's too short and too closely similar to the events of the main game to warrant the buy, but it is the canonical, real ending (though I wouldn't say was quite as well done as the main ending since it was so abrupt, but where Isaac and Carver are in the end rather than floating to their death is a better way to go). This really should have been like Alan Wake's The Signal, where it's not directly connected to the main game, but it's free for the people that bought the game new and you can download it to play, and if you had to buy it, it should have been five dollars at most.

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Should have been $5 dollars, because they just take old environments, and have you retread through parts of them.

It replaces the old ending with a pretty bonkers one which leaves you wanting more dead space though which was nice.

There's a lot more psychological stuff, like old dead space while still being action-y like 3 was.