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It's 25 bucks, although slightly cheaper if you pre-order it as Steam is one to do. Also it comes out on the 29th and not the 31th as some people had expected.
I'm so excited, never before have I pre-purchased a game ever, but the minute I saw this it had to go in the bag.

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When I first watched the Brad/Ryan endurance run for Deadly Premonition I never imagined I'd be able to play it down the road, since I'll never own a 360 or PS3. I'm looking forward to personally experiencing Special Agent Francis York Morgan's adventures for myself. I only hope it's a good port.

FYI, pre-ordering on Steam also gives you the Deluxe Edition of the game, which includes the soundtrack. Unclear whether there is anything else exclusive to the deluxe edition.

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A release date...in the coffee?

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25 bucks seems like way too much, but hey, I guess it's still cheaper than crackers.

Isn't that right Zach?

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I want to get this to support them, but it's just going to be a waste of money. I watched the ER 2.5 times and know that I couldn't be bothered to go through the same story again.

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I'd like to get this but find it hard to support it after Rising Start didn't let Access patch the PS3 version.

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I'll check it out when it goes on sale.

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Clear as a crisp spring morning!

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Hey I wanted to ask a question. I am half way through the vinny and jeff endurance run and I am loving this game. Should I stop watching and play it myself when it comes to Steam? Could I keep watching. It and play it? Basically this game seems like I could have my own experience in it, is that right?

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@talibanchic: From what I got out of the comments, both ERs miss a lot of stuff, mostly optional side missions and such. I'm the type of person who can watch someone play a game, and if I really, really enjoy it, I can play the game just fine myself. Did that with Persona 4 after watching that ER like, 4 times. Going to do that with Deadly Premonition and I've seen both ERs twice.

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@capum15: thanks I thought that might be the case.

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I can't. I love this game but I can't. I already bought the original release and the Director's Cut. Plus, I think the Director's Cut plays terribly.

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Ya, its been on my wish list for a week or so now.

I'll probably get it on steam when its on sale as I already bought the 360 version when it came out (and finished it along side the endurance run).

It's a great game in a lot of ways, but I don't really want to play it again. Although I am curious of the changes.

Edit: It's incredibly weird its 25$ to me as I remember buying it for 360 for only 20$ on amazon when it had just come out (it was a few months after it came out).

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Got it pre-ordered. Already played the DC on the ps3 and watched the ER this past summer but I love it so much and couldn't resist getting it on PC & supporting them.. CAN'T FUCKING WAIT!

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Oh no. I really want this game but right now I just have too many games and too little money/time :(