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Hey guys, I know this is super weird, but I picked on of the ERs back when they showed them, and I can't remember which one.

I have an extended DIY project coming up, and fancied having an ER on in the background and "the other" DP one is the only one I have not seen.

I just can't for the life of me remember which one I watched. One thing I DO remember is that in the one I watched, the guys (whoever they were) found an unlimited machine gun, and I seem to remember hearing on a bombcast that the other pair didn't get this.

Which one did I watch?

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I think the real answer is to just watch both.

Edit: Most people like to say that the VJ ER is the superior one, but I argue for BR. Ryan got SUPER into that game, and there's some great/frustrating moments of Brad pulling Brads.

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Fairly sure Jeff and Vinny found that gun.

Edit: Jeff and Vinny found that gun.

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I'd have to go back and check to be totally sure, but I think Vinny and Jeff got the unlimited machine gun.

EDIT: Yeah, it was Vinny and Jeff who found the unlimited machine gun.

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Thats a hard question cause they both found the unlimited machine gun ! Maybe Jeff and vinny was the one you watched cause they got the gun first...i think

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Well, if you originally made a choice of which one to watch, isn't it obvious you would have chosen the Jeff and Vinny one? They are better human beings than Brad or Ryan.

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The question is: were there giant demon dogs on the streets? If not, you watched Jeff and Vinny's.

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@maajin said:

The question is: were there giant demon dogs on the streets? If not, you watched Jeff and Vinny's.

That is single-handedly my favorite moment from either ER. So sad that VJ didn't get to see and react to that awesomeness.

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@atomicedge: Why did you "pick on" them? What did they do ;_;

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I don't remember I watched both though

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@atomicedge: They both got the unlimited machine gun I think, but only because one pair told the other pair how to get it. If you remember giant dogs in the street or the revelation that there is fast travel and you don't have to drive a slow ass car everywhere then you watched BR. Otherwise, you watched VJ.

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Yeah I watch VJ it seems. Thanks duders!

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I watched both. They each had great moments. The discovery of the unlimited machine gun, giant zombie dogs running amok on the streets, Brad's utter hatred of those fast ceiling demons. Good times.