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I thought it was ok but it seemed that there could of been a lot more to be added to it.. it seemed to short sighted as well, in teams of story that is.. Mr. Sinister was the focus and some other characters and I got board of seeing Genosha as well..

So what are your opinions on the game?

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It's a game about Deadpool.

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...or something like that.

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How many games have you beaten more 12 hours on hard?

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12 hours for a 3rd person character shooter/action game seems pretty long to me actually. I'd rather have a tight game without random filler (backtracking, gathering needless items to get to the end boss etc...) than a really long game. Of course, this game probably isn't the best example but you know what I mean.

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Idk, a 12 hour single player is pretty good for a linear brawler.

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Because a few more hours would have made this game great!

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That's about seven hours longer than I would expect.

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This game must be a bitch on hard near the end. It's an easy game overall (I finished it in 7 on normal, and I suck at the genre), but that last section was a pain in the ass.

Really, I think 7 hours was the perfect length. Any more and the antics would have gotten grating. Plus, the challenge mode is enough to get any remaining gameplay fix that the shortish length may leave you wanting. So, including what I've played of the challenges, that puts me at 9 hours, and I'm completely satisfied.

I do wish the cameos had more impact on the game, though. I was expecting to duke it out with Wolverine, at the very least. Rogue's bit was great, as was Death's, but some of the others felt like they were there just to be there.

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12 hours?! Did you fall asleep for five or six hours in the middle or...? I was glad that the game was short because I'd had my fill by the end, if I'd had to play it for twice as long I might not have held out to the end.

Sinister & the Marauders would have been disappointing villains if the game cared even a bit about the antagonists. It kind of makes sense that they'd use non-entity villains in a game entirely focused on the main character. If they make a sequel I hope they go with a real story and villains who matter, as well as exploiting his hero rivalries more now that they've introduced Deadpool as a character. Alternatively, some kind of quasi-open-world game where you take on assassination contracts while also having run-ins with other Marvel characters could be cool and may be a better vehicle for the character and humor.

I did enjoy the cameos in the game though, the scenes with Cable and Death were especially good, Rogue was neat too.

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Wait, so people are actually buying this?

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@fredchuckdave: I hope not, Deadpool is the definition of a rental candidate.

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Wish Redbox had this. Looks like a decent game to play after The Last of Us.

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@barrock: It's not.

It's really bad.

Like "makes Dynasty Warriors look good"

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Well aleast Deadpool wasn't out of character, like in that wolverine movie..

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12 hours is a lot longer than most shooters out there. Haven't played it myself yet, gonna buy it later when there's a bargain to be had.

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@rebgav said:

@fredchuckdave: I hope not, Deadpool is the definition of a rental candidate.

It is?

I thought it was a top tier "avoid it like The Plague" candidate. That's how I've treated it at least.

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Idk why people are hating on this game so much. The writing is admittedly kind of awful, but the gameplay is still pretty fun. And Nolan North.

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If you like Deadpool throw it on easy/normal and blow through it in 5-6 hours in one sitting like I did. It's enjoyable enough to warrant playing for an afternoon.