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That's quite the price drop.

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It doesn't exactly give me a lot of enthusiasm for the future, no. But then, they renewed the show for a second season, so at least you know the game will be around for a while. I'm betting that there's more DLC than free updates, though.

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And to think Steam was trying to sell it to us on sale for $13.59 during the summer sale. Shame on you Valve!

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I've heard that the player count is dropping massively, at least on PC. It looked really interesting, and played well enough from the little time I spent with it.

Guess there just wasn't anything to hold on to.

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I was mildly interested to get it on the Steam Summer Sale for $10 so I had something to tide me over until GTA5 was out but could never justify pulling the purchase on it. Looked like one of those games where you've seen it all 30 minutes in.

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for 10 bucks what could go wrong, I'll probably check it out now.

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Wasn't the PS3/360 versions of that game death?

Maybe it runs smooth when nobody else is playing it.

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I actually thought the post on the PS Blog made a mistake and meant to put it at $19.99 (the price most stores seem to be selling it now) but lo and behold, just $10. Got me to really consider picking it up at least.

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I wouldn't get the console version of this. I hear its garbage.

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It's actually $9.99 on Steam at the moment, and that's not a sale price. That's the regular price, $9.99

Amazon still has thier price at around $20 for physical copies on console.

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Thanks to the infernal steam trading cards I did go on it again fairly recently. I Saw a few people now and again but that was about it. Even at an Arkfall event I believe there were only 2 other people there. However I didn't go to all the areas so I can't really claim definitive proof. Maybe I just missed them all. After a couple of hours though I realised that the game still just really bores me so I left it to get the rest of the cards and haven't touched it since.