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Alright I am not quite sure which forum this should be posted on but I noticed there is a page for Carcassonne for iOS and a page for the Windows Phone version. They both seem to be made by different developers but the iOS version has the Xbox Live achievements attached to it.

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Any idea if they're actually different games?

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@ajamafalous: Well they are made by different developers and the games look different as well.

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@bobafettjm said:

@ajamafalous: Well they are made by different developers and the games look different as well.

I'm pretty sure in that case they're worthy of their separate pages since they're different games.
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@bobafettjm: So, are we talking about 3 different Carcassone games? XBLA, iOS, WP?

At the very least, the page with achievements on it needs to be converted into being about the XBLA version. Then, possibly creating a new page for the iOS version.

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Do we really need 3 separate pages for Carcassone though? Sure they are made by different developers and probably have different interfaces, but they are all based on the same board game so I doubt they differ that much.

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It doesn't really matter much to me as long as the achievements are tied to the correct page.

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The Windows Phone achievements should be moved to the XBLA edition (making two tabs, like they do for most other windows phone games that also are on XBLA such as Plants Vs. Zombies). That way there is just one page for iOS, Windows Phone, and XBLA. Each version can be explained seperately in the one main page.

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I created and filled out the iOS Carcassonne page, and I've played the XBLA version as well. They're fairly different games, using different online services, UI paradigms, methods of input and of course, being published on entirely different platforms at different times by unrelated developers. The modes are similar, but not the same, and the expansions vary by version.

It's like Risk or Tetris. It has a tangible brand, (unlike, say, Chess) but despite similarities, the entries in the series aren't homogenous.

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@Guided_By_Tigers: They're still different video games. We don't lump everything together just because it's based on a singular thing.

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I've played quite a bit of both the XBLA version and the Windows Phone versions and they differ quite a bit, at least in terms on menus and the look of the game. The Windows Phone version also comes with the rivers expansion built in.