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I'm fairly sure all the games on the Color Blind Assist page are valid. And I'm fairly sure all (two of) the characters on the Color Blindness page are valid. There are probably more than two who qualify.

But unless Hexic and Peggle also discuss visual disabilities in their narrative, I think this is a case of mistagging some games to an older/vague concept. That's probably how my 2 points got there, unless I'm who attached Godot. ;)

If it can be confirmed that none of the attached games on the C-B page actually involve colour blindness in their gameplay or narrative, then it comes down to whether or not to keep a distinct concept which has many valid page relations, but no specific games attached. Not the first one I've seen on GB, but rare. So what say ye? If the Blindness page is removed, the Character wikis can mention it.

If one or both of the concept pages are kept, I could certainly add some content discussing the various types with examples. I've researched it during my graphic design days. It helped my awareness that one of my bosses had protanopia.

Other ideas?

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@Brackynews: I think both pages are valid, but their intentions have clearly been misunderstood by many. Unless we can somehow verify the validity of the entries on each page, the only option is to nuke the associations to each page and start over from scratch.

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I have Hexic and I think Peggle, Back in a sec.

EDIT: Hexic 2 does not mention anything about colorblindness. But Peggle dose have a colorblind mode, but that's all it mentions about colorblindness.