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It looks like Bat was created with a reasonable sentiment in mind: featuring iconic TF2 weaponry. Since this issue applies to other objects such as Fire Axe, we probably need a ruling....

It has started to creep out of control, as things often do when people attach "close enough" relateds to game pages when a generic name and thumbnail is their top result. I can't believe the Scout bat itself is making cameos in non-Valve games. :)

At a minimum the non-TF2 games should be migrated over to Baseball Bat or whichever object variant is appropriate. Most drastically the entire small page could be merged into the already-present TF2 heading on the Baseball Bat page, Weaponry section on TF2 game page, etc. But that would probably need to be applied across the board for all generic TF2 weapons. No small order! But neither is keeping two seperate object pages clean.