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Now that this game is out and about I think we've all realised it maybe doesn't warrant its own page. There's not much new story content and the changes are almost entirely bug fixes and control tweaks. I think this deserves a combine and have the Director's Cut info added to the bottom of the normal DP page.

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@rolyatkcinmai: so all the extra stuff doesn't exist? what about the new scenario? what does that entail?

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@def: The only extra stuff I've seen so far are some new cutscenes. The new scenario seems to be DLC

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@rolyatkcinmai: @def: @bocam: I've deleted it before and hopefully won't have to delete it again. I've moved all the images, releases, forum posts, and description to the main page.

The DC page is currently not deletable due to a bug, so I've just renamed it "Delete" like we used to.