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These three Sudoku games need to be combined. (One,Two, Three)

These two Super Monkey Ball games need to be combined (This and That)

Finally, these two Tentacles games need to be combined (Here and There)

P.S. Found two more that need combining (Thing 1 and Thing 2)

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I am not sure about the Sudoku games, but I am pretty sure the Monkey Ball games should stay separate. The second Tentacles game could just be deleted.

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The first two Sudoku games should be combined, they were developed by EA mobile for the DSiWare and Playstation Minis, respectively, so there's a very big likelyhood they're almost identical as far as content. (Although really, when you can hit a button on an algorithm and generate infinite Sudoku puzzles, it's really all moot). The third one was developed and published by MGS for Windows Phone 7, so it should remain separate.

As far as the Monkey Ball games, something needs to happen with the releases if they're going to split the line on handheld version versus console versions. Not really sure what, because I haven't played anything except the GC version so I can't tell where the line needs to be drawn, but the ngage version is mentioned on both pages so something is obviously hinky.

As far as Uno, those should stay separate. There wasn't any microtransactioning on my XBLA version of Uno (by Carbonated Games) other than deck skins, yet somehow Gameloft managed to sneak it into theirs.

I went ahead and tidied up the second Uno page to clarify that. I have no idea at all which version is actually which, hopefully someone else knows?

Edit: At first glance when I saw this thread I thought it was about games featuring the Combine and got excited. Sadface.

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@DemonGeese: I combined the first two Sudoku games. The third one is from a different developer.

The two Monkey Ball games are different, just the same name.

Someone already deleted the extra Tentacles page.

Those two Uno games are from different developers and should both stay.

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