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Keep Nordic Games GmbH.

Nordic Games Publishing AB is holding copyrights for the games published under the Nordic Games GmbH label. Use Nordic Games Publishing AB as an alias.

Here's a screengrab from the rights section of Darksiders II on the WiiU eShop with updated copyrights and publishing information after the THQ rights acquisition by Nordic Games.

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Nordic Games Licensing and Publishing are not the same entity AFAIK. Nordic Games Publishing AB was Nordic Games original publishing arm in Sweden, putting out a lot of casual software in Europe (like the We Sing franchise). It was however moved to Austria and became Nordic Games GmbH when NG acquired the assets of JoWooD. So it would seem merging the two is correct as per wiki policy, though it always irks me to see the old names they were credited under disappear from the wiki.

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@blacklagoon: @def: It seems to me the two Nordic pages should become one with an included explanation of the location move that BlackLagoon described.

As for the JoWood portion, I'm with you that it does kinda suck when an old name is essentially erased, but there's not really a good way to handle as of right now. It's a discussion I've had with Jeff before. The question is would we rather have a bunch of defunct pages simply to list Developer/Publisher fields with "what's on the box," or would we rather chronicle the mergers, buy outs, etc by also merging the pages. At one point we had like 40 different Konami pages. It gets crazy. In a perfect world, you could select which alias you want to appear in the Developer/Publisher fields.

Long story short, there's a lot of work that could/should be done regarding company pages, but it's difficult not only because of the decisions that would have to be made but also because of issues that are still lingering with the wiki itself (not being able to edit "large" pages). So, we do what we can for now.